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Live Like It’s 1804: Columbus’ Oldest House Is Now A Short Term Rental

Hey, history buffs and cool home seekers! You can now rent the oldest known house in Columbus, and it’s like taking a time machine back to 1804. But don’t worry, there’s Wi-Fi.

So, picture this: It’s 1804, Thomas Jefferson is chilling in the White House, Ohio’s barely a year old as a state, and the Lewis and Clark Expedition is the trending topic (without Twitter, of course).

Now, fast forward to today, and you’ve got the chance to live in a piece of that era. We’re talking about a cabin built in the same year, now up for grabs as a rental. Talk about living the history!

This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill cabin.

First of all, it’s located on Norwich Avenue, right in the heart of Northwood Park. It’s not exactly the kind of area where you expect to turn and see a cabin from pioneer days. Stepping into the house is like stepping into a time capsule – with modern comforts, of course.

Originally constructed by David Beers, the cabin was moved from its original location at Dodridge and High to where it sits now. This cabin is so old that it predates the actual founding of Columbus by eight whole years. Yeah, this place has seen some stuff.

In 1899, the home was purchased by famous bicycle racer Conn Baker and his brother Herman. The moved the home to 40 E. Norwich to serve as a painting studio. It’s not relevant to how awesome the cabin is, but just in case you’re curious, the brothers painted livestock and landscapes.

A postcard showing the cabin. via CML

Even though the cabin is ancient (by American standards), it’s not stuck in the past. The cabin’s got all these cool features: three spacious bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms (no outhouses here, folks), and an indoor screened-in porch on the second floor. Plus, it’s on the largest lot on Norwich and just minutes from campus. Location? Check!

Need some outdoor vibes?

There’s a patio and a fire pit/grill area that’s perfect for those Instagram-worthy nights. And for all you creatives and zen-seekers, there’s an upstairs workshop space that’s ideal for brainstorming or just finding your inner peace.

When this house was built, the steam locomotive was still on the drawing board, and Beethoven was dropping his latest hits. This place has seen the world evolve from horse-drawn carriages to electric cars, and now you can Netflix and chill in it.

wooden pioneer era cabin on OSU campus
via Franklin County Auditor

This cabin is up for short-term rentals, making it perfect for a weekend getaway in Columbus or even a longer stay if you’re feeling adventurous. And the owners? Super cool about accommodating unique requests.

Renting this cabin is like living in a museum, but way cooler because you can actually touch stuff and sleep in the beds.

It’s perfect for history enthusiasts, people looking for a unique living experience, or anyone who’s ever wanted to time travel. Don’t just read about history, live it! Check out this epic cabin and get ready to brag to your friends about how you lived like it was 1804 – but with way better amenities.

Head over to Zillow where you can check out the full listing.