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Why We Exist

Columbus Navigator is here to be your guide to everything that makes Columbus special. We want to help you explore this city.

What We Do

We publish stories on this website 4-10 times a day, and also maintain social accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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What We Believe In

We believe great cities are where change happens, and where society is advanced. And we believe Columbus is a great city.

Meet Our Team

James Arney | Founder, Editor in Chief

James was born in Hillsboro, a town an hour south of Columbus that was known for many years as the only town in America with two stockyards contained entirely in the city limits. But one closed down, and now it’s known for a vulgar and boorish Los Angeles comedian who moved in and became mayor.

After graduating from Hillsboro High School, James came to Columbus to attend Ohio State, met his wife at a Salvation Army summer camp job, and settled in, falling in love with Columbus along the way. He’s a big believer in being kind and trying your best, phrases he’s repeated to his children (and sometimes his golden retriever, pictured to the left) enough times to have lost count.

Zoey Miller | Writer

Zoey Miller is a writer from Columbus, Ohio. He’s spent most of his life between the Near Eastside and Westerville, where he’s honed his craft and his passion for writing. He feels most strongly about social issues, the human condition, and the value of empathy in today’s society.

Rivaling these interests are an intense obsession with food and an infatuation for mediocre to awful television, hobbies that land neatly between healthy and mildly disturbing. He makes no apologies about any of these but he does offer up his condolences to anyone who’s had to deal with his social diatribes or an unwanted synopsis of a foreign television drama. He is also a Pisces, of which he cares very little.

Tess Stuber | Intern

Tess Stuber is a senior at Bexley High School and has lived in Columbus her whole life—and loved it. She enjoys eating tacos and pizza while gallivanting around this beautiful city, or places far beyond. She considers herself an activist for civil rights and has a fondness for sticking it to the man.

Tess loves to write and plans to continue her education as a journalism major in college. At said college, and after, she would like to travel the world and write about her many fabulous adventures. Nothing would make Tess’ future-self happier than having a successful writing career in politics or achieving world peace, whichever comes first.

Chelsea Wiley | Writer, Photographer

Chelsea Wiley is a writer and photographer from Columbus, OH. She was raised in the suburbs but has been a proud Merion Village resident since 2011. Chelsea is a fan of the simple things in life, including spending time with her fiancé, hanging out at the dog park with her two pups, grabbing a beer with friends, shooting on her Canon, oxford commas, and playing video games.

She enjoys writing about all things nerd and popular culture, and probably knows more about Game of Thrones and Harry Potter than is socially acceptable. Even though she’s had the privilege of traveling and living around the world, she’ll always call Columbus home.

Madeline Keener | Writer

Madeline Keener was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and grew up in Clintonville. She is a proud graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. After graduating college, coming back to Columbus seemed like a no-brainer. This city is pretty awesome, after all.

Madeline is an animal lover and enjoys going out into nature. In a perfect world, she’d adopt every dog that needed a home. She dreams of traveling the world and going back to Spain, where she studied abroad. Some of Madeline’s hobbies include crafting, hiking, binge watching her favorite shows on Netflix, and exploring the city. Her favorite food is chips and queso. Oh, and she’s a Hufflepuff.

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