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Yelp Reveals Columbus’ Top Romantic Spot for Date Night

With the season of love fast approaching, are you on the hunt for something special to do with your better half?

Well, if the thought of picking out yet another Valentine’s Day gift has you scratching your head, why not opt for an experience instead? Good news: Yelp has scoured the country to find the coziest, most love-drenched spots for you and yours truly, and Columbus has its very own sweetheart spot on the list.

Welcome to Third and Hollywood, nestled in the charming neighborhood of Grandview Heights (located at 1433 W. 3rd Ave., if you want to drop by or Google it). This isn’t your ordinary dinner venue; it’s a ticket to an evening filled with sparks, smiles, and scrumptious bites.

The Vibes Are Immaculate

roaring stone fireplace in restaurant
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The mood at Third and Hollywood couldn’t set the scene any better. It is set with soft lighting that makes everything glow. Wen you combine the roaring fireplace and the candles atop each table, wooden accents that add a touch of earthiness, and exposed brick walls, the place oozes character and warmth. It’s intimate, it’s inviting, and yes, it’s incredibly romantic.

A Feast for Two

Let’s dive into the menu because at Third and Hollywood, every dish tells a story of passion — passion for flavors, textures, and unforgettable dining moments. Whether you’re eyeing the Filet Mignon for a filling, flavorful journey or the Seared Tuna that speaks to the lighter side of love, your taste buds are in for a treat. Seriously, the menu has something for everything which is perfect for date night, because even picky eaters deserve a delicious, romantic meal.

Don’t Skip Dessert (Seriously, Don’t)

Ending on a sweet note isn’t just recommended; it’s practically mandatory. Share a spoon diving into your choice of dessert. The Pecan Pie Sundae is a delightful twist on a classic that combines the crunch of pecans with the smoothness of ice cream, all drizzled with a warm, sweet sauce.

Yelp’s Seal of Approval

You might wonder, why trust Yelp? Well, their deep dive into reviews for those “romantic,” “date night,” and “Valentine’s” mentions isn’t just thorough; it’s downright detective work. They sift through the noise to find spots that truly light up hearts, ensuring that when they recommend a place like Third and Hollywood, it’s because it really is a cut above the rest for those lovey-dovey vibes. You can see the rest of the restaurants that made the cut around the country right here.

So, What’s the Plan?

romantic restaurant with exposed brick and wood beams
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Columbus might be bustling with dining spots, but Third and Hollywood has carved out its niche as the go-to for couples looking for that blend of ambiance, flavor, and heart. Whether you’re marking Valentine’s Day or just want to make any evening extra special, this gem in Grandview Heights is ready to play Cupid.

So, ready to ditch the gift shopping and make some memories instead? Third and Hollywood is waiting to turn your night into a story worth telling.