The Best New Restaurants And Bars Of 2018

When it came to food and drink this year, Columbus certainly didn’t hold back.

2018 brought an array of new bars and restaurants to our fair city. Here are 11 of our absolute favorites.

Antiques on High

Why we love them: I love getting dressed up and heading out for a night on the town. And in the weeks since they’ve been open, Antiques on High has definitely become a go-to destination for a little fancy fun. The cocktails are so freakin’ good and the service is even better. Plus they have a killer rooftop patio. Read more here.
Address: 741 S High St.

Harvey & Ed’s

Why we love them: I’m a sucker for a good deli, and Harvey & Ed’s is painfully authentic. From their delicious sammies to their downright delightful Black & Whites, they’ve managed to bring a little bit of that NYC vibe to downtown Columbus. Haven’t been yet? See what all the fuss is about here.
Address: 689 N High St.


Why we love them: We’d been waiting decades for the return of the iconic diner, G.D. Ritzy’s, and our dreams finally came true in September. Luckily, it was exactly as delicious as we thought it would be. The burgers, the fries, the shakes: they all lived up to the hype and now Columbus can all gain a few extra pounds together. Also, I feel like I should mention that going into Ritzy’s feels like the best kind of time warp. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.
Address: 4615 N High St.

Pecan Penny’s

Why we love them: Columbus has drastically improved when it comes to barbeque. Now when you want some delicious brisket, you can look beyond City BBQ towards some more local options. This year, Pecan Penny’s joined the bbq fam and simply put: they wowed us. The food is flavorful, the restaurant is cool, inviting and features some pretty dope murals.
Address: 113 E Main St.

High Bank Distillery

Why we love them: I feel like High Bank Distillery may be our most “finger on the pulse” bar in Columbus. Let me explain. The aesthetics of the place are out of this world, the drinks are amazing, the food is reasonable, and most miraculously, they manage to be fancy and casual at the same time. High Bank is a great place to take friends or business acquaintances, family or dates. It’s versatile and literally has something for everyone, from high-end cocktails to arcade games. They’ve figured out how to have their cake and eat it too, and it’s one of my most favorite new places in the city. Read more about High Bank here.
Address: 1051 Goodale Blvd.

The Lox

Why we love them: What the world needs now, is more bagels. And by the world, I specifically mean Columbus. While we do have some great places to grab a schmeary bite, there’s always room for one more. Especially when they are as out of this world as The Lox. This one barely made it into 2018, but they did and we couldn’t be happier. Get a little taste of this amazing bagel shop here.
Address: 772 N High St.

Alpine Bar + Restaurant

Why we love them: I’ve got 6 words for you: Schnitzel the size of your head. Alpine knows exactly what they’re doing, and they do it so incredibly well. The food is amazing and the restaurant has an openness that I’m not used to seeing in German Village. The also have a grilled cheese that could totally be a contender for the best grilled cheese in Columbus. (Who am I kidding? It wins, hands down.)

Swensons Drive-In

Why we love them: Yes, technically Swensons has been around for decades. But they only came to Columbus this year, so they were always going to make the cut. I was so impressed with this burger joint. Not just because of the quality of the food, but because of the quality of the service. You would think that maybe they just bring the food to the car and that’s all the interaction you’d get. But the servers are so attentive, happy to explain the menu and answer questions, and they also run through any sort of weather just to help you out. If you haven’t had a chance to go there yourself, you can read more about our experience here.
Address: 7490 Sawmill Rd.

Brekkie Shack

Why we love them: I love beautiful, industrial decor as much as the next girl. But sometimes, you just wanna feel a little sunshine in your life. And those good vibes are exactly why Brekkie Shack makes our list of favs. The breakfast/brunch joint has a very tropical vibe, with unique twists on traditional foods and little snacks to grab and go at the counter. They also serve delicious, Crimson Cup coffee.
Address: 1060 Yard St.


Why we love them: Recently, I’ve been throwing around the idea of going vegetarian. Luckily, there are amazing spots like Comune here in Columbus that cater to plant-based diets. If you want to hear from a fellow vegetarian about how great it was, let me point you in Tracie’s direction. She said, and I quote, “But seriously, this was the best salad I’ve ever had.”
Address: 677 Parsons Ave.

Ambrose & Eve

Why we love them: You all know that I’m totally obsessed with this place. I knew that it would be good, but I just didn’t know it would be life changing. I love the menu because it’s bold yet accessible and they really do have something on the menu for everyone. I’m taking foodie family members there this weekend from out of town and I absolutely cannot wait. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, or you’re not convinced, just take a look at the size of these pancakes. I know you’ll change your mind.
Address: 716 S High St.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings to the Columbus food and drink scene!