The Best New Restaurants And Bars Of 2019

When it came to food and drink this year, Columbus certainly didn’t hold back.

2019 brought an array of new bars and restaurants to our fair city. There are family-friendly dinner spots. There are after-work cocktail joints. There are rooftop views.

Seriously, this year had a little bit of everything. Here are some of our absolute favorite new bars and restaurants that opened in 2019.

Forty’s Chicken and Waffles

Why we love them: Having a great place to stop in for some tasty chicken and waffles is always going to be something we rally behind here at Columbus Navigator. Once you add in the fact that this is located inside of a super cool bar full of fun arcade games, it’s basically a no brainer. Read about our visit here.
Address: 2593 N High Street, in Old North Arcade

Alqueria Farmhouse Kitchen

Why we love them: It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out for a romantic date or if you’re just meeting some friends for charcuterie and cocktails, Alequeria Farmhouse Kitchen will be worth a visit. Read about our visit here.
Address: 247 King Ave.


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Why we love them: This authentic English pub has become one of my favorite spots for a bite to eat this year. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, there’s no time like the present. Read about our visit here.
Address: 1586 S High St.

Central Market House

Why we love them: Not only are the meals at Central Market House divine, the service is outstanding and the restaurant itself is gorgeous. The restaurant is located in the Canopy by Hilton, and it’s close proximity to the Convention Center and downtown Columbus make it a great place for visitors and locals alike. Read about our visit here.
Address: 77 E Nationwide Blvd.

Nosh on High

Why we love them: Nosh is new, fresh, and exciting, and that’s what we love most. This unique restaurant burst onto the scene earlier and they haven’t slowed down since. Read about our visit here.
Address: 149 S. High St.

Gypsy on the Mile

Why we love them: I fell in love with this beautiful little restaurant this year. Their food is fun and inventive and the experience of dining at Gypsy on the Mile is like eating in an insanely beautiful museum. Read about our visit here.
Address: 200 S. Civic Center Dr.

Urban Meyer’s Pint House

Why we love them: Go for the epic-game watching ambiance and stay for the incredible food. While you’re there, don’t forget to order a beer or two and raise a glass to the man himself, former Buckeyes Head Coach Urban Meyer. Read about our visit here.
Address: 6632 Longshore St.


Why we love them: Not only are the drinks at SeeSaw out of this world, but the food is so very impressive as well. Plus, there is a literal seesaw you can play on after you have a bite. An incredible night out is calling your name at SeeSaw my friends. Read about our visit here.
Address: 906 N. High Street

Goodale Station

Why we love them: Sweeping rooftop views + delicious cocktails = a fantastic place to spend a Saturday night. Or any night really. Goodale Station is located just upstairs from Central Market House, so you can kill two birds with one stone if you’re feeling up for a little adventure. Read about our visit here.
Address: 77 E Nationwide Blvd.

Ampersand Asian Supperclub

Why we love them: Ampersand reignited my love affair with ramen. From the flavorful dishes to the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant, I promise that a visit to Ampersand will be an experience you’ll want to have over and over again. Read about our visit here.
Address: 940 N High St.

Matt & Tony’s Woodfired Kitchen

Why we love them: I’m so happy that Matt & Tony’s Woodfired Kitchen is a restaurant we have here in Columbus. It’s the kind of place where you could take just about anyone you know and they’d find something they love on the menu. That kind of mass appeal is so freaking awesome. Read about our visit here.
Address: 525 Short St.


Why we love them: ROOH is, hands down, the most beautiful restaurant I’ve visited this year. In addition to the elegant experience of dining there, you’ll also get a chance to taste some truly innovative food. Read about our visit here.
Address: 685 N. High St.

Taft’s Brewporium

Why we love them: Taft’s Brewporium is loud, fun, and full of people who are all looking to have a good time. Grab a beer, play some games, order a pizza, and enjoy the company of your friends. Read about our visit here.
Address: 440 W. Broad Street

Kabob Shack

Why we love them: Kabob Shack gets my unofficial award for most perfectly seasoned food. I’m not an expert, by any means, but I was completely over-the-moon about the food I had at Kabob Shack. Go, order something you normally wouldn’t, and prepare to be wowed. Read about our visit here.
Address: 4568 Cemetery Rd.

Belly Burger

Why we love them: You can’t go wrong with a burger and some fries. Belly Burger is affordable, it has a fantastic location, and they’ve got a great happy hour. What else could you need? Read about our visit here.
Address: 26 N. High St.

Gemüt Biergarten

Why we love them: The attention to detail at Gemüt Biergarten is astounding. The handcrafted menus, the stainglass windows depicting different brews, and the perfectly thought out menu are just a few highlights that visitors can look forward to. Read about our visit here.
Address: 734 Oak St.

Lincoln Social

Why we love them: When I first heard that Cameron Mitchell Restaurants were opening a rooftop cocktail bar, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited. Lincoln Social is located in the heart of the Short North with stunning views of Columbus from every corner of the place. It’s an impressive place, perfect for a date night or glamorous cocktails with friends. Read about our visit here.
Address: 711 N. High St.

Vine + Forge

Why we love them: I’m a sucker for wine-based cocktails, and the drinks at Vine + Forge blew my mind. The concept of a hotel bar is undergoing some serious overhaul right now in Columbus and these unique establishments are stepping up their game. Read about our visit here.
Address: 33 E Nationwide Blvd

Columbus Brewing Company Taproom

Why we love them: What we love the most about the Columbus Brewing Company Taproom is that it finally exists. Having been a fan of the beer for years, I’m so excited that there’s a place I can go, hang out, and enjoy a CBC IPA. Read about our visit here.
Address: 2555 Harrison Road

Law Bird

Why we love them: There are a lot of reasons to love Law Bird, but my favorite is their $5 mini martini. It’s the perfect way to start the evening. Order one while you peruse the menu, then prepare to be wowed by the handcrafted cocktails you’re about to enjoy. Read about our visit here.
Address: 740 S High St.


Why we love them: Looking for an elegant night out? Fireproof is the kind of place where you can take your friends who are in town from NYC and LA and they’ll feel right at home. The service is phenomenal and the quality of the menu shouldn’t be overlooked. Read about our visit here.
Address: 1026 N. High St.

We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings to the Columbus food and drink scene!

Originally published 12/20/18. Updated 12/20/19.

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