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Artificial Intelligence Meets Artisanal Brewing at Columbus’s Species X

A new chapter in the brewing industry is unfolding with the opening of Species X – a unique combination of a taproom and a brewing innovation hub.

This isn’t just another brewery; it’s a groundbreaking endeavor that fuses ancient brewing methods with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, all under the guidance of Beau Warren, a visionary brewer with over a decade of industry experience.

Species X stands out for its experimental approach to crafting beer.

It showcases two distinct series, each representing a fusion of technology and tradition. The SILICON SPECIES series is a testament to the power of AI and machine learning in brewing. Here, algorithms play the role of master brewer, conjuring up unique beer recipes within constraints set by human creativity.

This intersection of technology and traditional brewing is not just innovative, it’s a glimpse into the future of beer making.

computer in brewhouse
Image courtesy of Species X

The second series, CARBON SPECIES, delves into the roots of brewing with a modern twist. It features methods both ancient and novel, such as yeast hybridization, genetic engineering, and spore germination. This series is a celebration of the rich history of brewing, reimagined through the lens of modern science.

The launch of Species X is marked by an impressive lineup of six beers, three from each series. These range from a classic light lager to a complex triple IPA, developed in collaboration with Prototype Brewery, and a fruity, tangy sour beer. The variety and innovation in these initial offerings are just the beginning, as a collaboration with AI expert Jon Krohn is already in the pipeline.

The spacious taproom at Species X will open this week

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, it offers a comfortable space where guests can enjoy not only beer but also spirits, wine, and a delightful menu featuring salads, toasted sandwiches, and focaccia pizzas made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The design of the taproom enhances the experience, with garage doors opening to an outdoor patio and a rooftop deck that offers stunning views of the Columbus skyline. Inside, visitors can get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the brewing process and equipment.

people in a futuristic bar
Image courtesy of Species X

Beau Warren, the mastermind behind Species X, brings a rich background to the project. His experience spans from his tenure as head lab tech and lead brewer at Aslin Beer Co. to his studies in beer microbiology and data analytics. His diverse expertise in sales, production, and analytics is the driving force behind Species X’s innovative approach to brewing.

In a nutshell, Species X isn’t just a brewery; it’s a beacon of innovation in the beer world. It’s where the boundaries of brewing are not just pushed but redefined, blending the old and the new in exciting, flavorful ways. For anyone in Columbus or visiting the area, Species X offers a unique opportunity to taste the future of beer.

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