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Amid Controversy, Officer Zachary Rosen Has Been Fired From The Columbus Division of Police

The officer involved in the shooting death of Henry Green and the stomping of an unarmed suspect has been fired by the City of Columbus.

You may have seen CPD officer Zachary Rosen’s name on social media a lot recently. He was one of the original officers involved in the questionable shooting of Henry Green, which sparked protest and controversy in the months following.

He was also the officer seen on video stomping on the head of an already handcuffed and incapacitated suspect, Demarko Anderson, while he laid face down on the ground. Just recently Rosen made headlines once again when Police Chief Kim Jacobs recommended a 24-hour suspension as adequate punishment following an investigation into the incident with Anderson.

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther assured the public that Officer Rosen’s actual disciplinary action would ultimately be determined by the Director of Public Safety, stating that “I have every expectation the Public Safety Director will discipline Officer Rosen in a manner that holds him accountable for his actions.”

Well, the Safety Director’s decision has been made and Columbus Police Department Officer Zachary Rosen has officially been fired from his law enforcement position. In a statement reacting to the news of Rosen’s dismissal, the F.O.P. Lodge #9 stated, “Mayor Ginther should acknowledge that he had insufficient information to judge this case when he made public comments that were based solely upon a few seconds of grainy video; and he should instruct the Safety Director to immediately reinstate Officer Rosen.”

Still, others are less than mournful over the news.

Mayor Ginther followed up the announcement of Rosen’s dismissal with the following statement: “Today’s decision was not a choice between supporting the police or supporting the community. It was about supporting fairness and due process. I fully support the decision made by Director Pettus and am grateful for his thorough and thoughtful consideration. I am also grateful to the community and to the Columbus Division of Police for their patience.”