The New Ohio License Plates Have Been Revealed And People Have Thoughts

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles announced two new license plates last week, one that had a huge mistake and another that fixed that mistake but left people feeling underwhelmed.

The new license plate is sort of a reimagining of the old “Beautiful Ohio” plates from 2009-2013, but the first version the BMV released had one glaring issue.

Version #1:

The airplane honoring the Wright Brothers towing a banner reading “The Birthplace of Aviation” was backwards. After the error was promptly pointed out on social media, the BMV attempted to redeem themselves by re-releasing the new plates, this time with the plane flying in the correct direction.

Version #2:

But the damage was done. Even North Carolina got in on the fun, continuing the longtime aviation fued between the “Birthplace of Aviation” state and the “First in Flight” state.

Even after the mistake was corrected, people were quick to point out that the design for the plates was unoriginal.

The plates are certainly disappointing, but let’s look on the bright side. At least, for now, cars are only required to have one.

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