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6 Columbus Brews That Prove Fall Is The Best Season For Beer

Track down these six beers and be convinced that autumn puts out the best seasonals, hands down.

Hands down and without a doubt, fall has to be the best time of year for seasonal beers. Summer beers are too light and fruity, spring too hoppy and shows no restraint, winter always wants to throw an irresponsible amount of cinnamon in things. But Fall? Fall brings out rich, deep flavors that tend to spread it throughout the body, giving it great texture and great profile.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. If you need physical proof that autumn beers are just better, track down these awesome local brews and let the flavor do the talking. I even added an IPA for you hop heads that insist on its superiority (my war against IPAs shall be a good and just war).

Dave Doesn’t Know

An imperial pumpkin beer that utilizes pumpkin from Jacquemin farms in Plain City, Ohio. Aged in bourbon barrels for that extra ‘mmmm’.
Brewer: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing,

Great White Pumpkin Beer

This is a specialty pumpkin beer by Elevator Company. Though it’s hard to track down (mostly made for special events) it’s very much worth the effort.
Brewer: Elevator Brewing

Skeleton Red Rye IPA


A deadly red rye with plenty of spice and attitude befitting a Four String’s beer, this IPA has a piney, dry finish.
Brewer: Four String Brewing Company

Tree Tapper

A warm, nutty brown ale with just a hint of sweetness. Made with Ohio maple syrup.
Brewer: North High Brewing Company


A lighter flavored beer in the autumn profile, it none the less has plenty of personality brewed in the traditional German fashion.
Brewer: Columbus Brewin Company

Hallow’s Eve

Deep and almost spiteful, it brings plenty of rich, bitter flavors with a savory finish.
Brewer: Platform Beer Company