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The Best Breweries In Columbus According To Untappd

Columbus has always had a serious brewery culture.

The problem in this town isn’t finding a good beer, it’s deciding on where to go. Personally, my recommendation would be all of the breweries. But for the sake of time (and my liver), I’ve decided to utilize some other resources to make this decision.

Since our lives are completely intertwined with technology, it should come as no surprise that when I asked a co-worker for a great way to rank breweries, she said, “There’s an app for that”.

Untappd is a great way to hear from other local beer-lovers about their favorite breweries and drinks. We’ve ranked the Columbus breweries by their overall ratings, but it was so close. These breweries offer some truly amazing beers, and they have the crowdsourced intel to prove it.

16. Elevator Brewery

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Untappd Rating: 3.51
# of Unique Ratings: 42,901
Top Beer: Three Frogs IPA
Top 5 Beers at Elevator Brewing Company: Three Frogs IPA, Bleeding Buckeye Red, Dark Force, Heiferweizen, Horny Goat Porter

15. Endeavor Brewing

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Untappd Rating: 3.58
# of Unique Ratings: 3,942
Top Beer: New World IPA
Top 5 Beers at Endeavor Brewing: New World IPA, Latin Lager, Export Stout, Old World Wit, Tripel

14. Lineage Brewing Company

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Untappd Rating: 3.69
# of Unique Ratings: 9,157
Top Beer: Spaceship # 6
Top 5 Beers at Lineage Brewing Company: Spaceship #6, Oscura Obscura, Passionate Bernice, Space Fruit, Kimmy Gibler

13. North High Brewing

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Untappd Rating: 3.69
# of Unique Ratings: 49,505
Top Beer: Rise IPA
Top 5 Beers at North High Brewing: Rise IPA, Milk Stout, Five Pale Ale, Stardust to Stardust, Grapefruit Walleye

12. Land-Grant Brewing

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Untappd Rating: 3.69
# of Unique Ratings: 38,216
Top Beer: Stiff-Arm IPA
Top 5 Beers at Land-Grant Brewing Company: Stiff-Arm IPA, Greenskeeper Session IPA, 1862 Ale, Beard Crumbs, Glory

11. Sideswipe Brewing

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Untappd Rating: 3.71
# of Unique Ratings: 9,477
Top Beer: Fisticuffs
Top 5 Beers at Kindred Artisan Ales: Fisticuffs, Elegant Hoodlum, Pixelated Sun, Squashing Pumpkins, Coop Looter

10. Platform Beer Company

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Untappd Rating: 3.73
# of Unique Ratings: 110,387
Top Beer: Speed Merchant IPA
Top 5 Beers at Zauber Brewing Company: Speed Merchant, New Cleveland Palesner, Yammy Yammy, Holiday Donut Cookie, Orange Blossom Gose,

9. Barley’s Brewing Company

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Untappd Rating: 3.73
# of Unique Ratings: 17,483
Top Beer: Blood Thirst Wheat
Top 5 Beers at Barley’s Brewing Company: Blood Thirst Wheat, MacLenny’s Scottish Ale, Blurry Bike IPA, Bourbon Meyere Buckeye, Pale Ale

8. Rock Mill Brewery

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Untappd Rating: 3.73
# of Unique Ratings: 19,622
Top Beer: Saison Noir
Top 5 Beers at Rock Mill Brewery: Saison Noir, Cask Aged Tripel, Petite Saison, Saison, Dubbel

7. Seventh Son Brewing

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Untappd Rating: 3.78
# of Unique Ratings: 41,150
Top Beer: Humulus Nimbus Super Pale Ale
Top 5 Beers at Seventh Son: Humulus Nimbus, Proliferous, The Scientist IPA, American Strong Ale, Stone Fort Oat Brown

6. BrewDog USA

Untappd Rating: 3.83
# of Unique Ratings: 13,014
Top Beer: Juggernaut IPA
Top 5 Beers at BrewDog USA: Juggernaut IPA, Cannon Blast, Cosmic Crush Apricot, Diabolical Dream State, Blueberry Pulp Patriot

5. Zaftig Brewing“>Zaftig Brewing Co.

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Untappd Rating: 3.83
# of Unique Ratings: 23,442
Top Beer: Juicy Lucy
Top 5 Beers at Zaftig Brewing Co.: Juicy Lucy, Hazy Miss Daisy, BamBaLam Stout, A-Crop Backlight, Heavy Hearted Amber

4. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Company

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Untappd Rating: 3.84
# of Unique Ratings: 39,863
Top Beer: Daybreak Cream Ale
Top 5 Beers at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Company: Daybreak, Driftwood, Dire Wolf, Howling Moon, Clear Sky Cinnamon Toast Brunch

3. Columbus Brewing Company

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Untappd Rating: 3.89
# of Unique Ratings: 87,850
Top Beer: Columbus IPA
Top 5 Beers at Columbus Brewing Company: Columbus IPA, Bodhi, Creeper, Thunderlips, Citra Noel

2. Pretentious Barrel House

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Untappd Rating: 3.99
# of Unique Ratings: 6,528
Top Beer: Sybarite W/ Raspberries
Top 5 Beers at Pretentious Barrel House: Sybarite w/Raspberries, Syrabite w/Cherries, Sybarite, Truculent, Derisive

And the highest ranked brewery in Columbus is…

1. Hoof Hearted

via Hoof Hearted Brewing Facebook

Untappd Rating: 4.09
# of Unique Ratings: 98,493
Top Beer: Konkey Dong
Top 5 Beers at Hoof Hearted: Konkey Dong, Roller Blabe, Musk of Minotaur IPA, South of Eleven, Did We Just Become Best Fwendz?

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to go out and try some new beers.


Originially published 2/24/17. Updated 1/7/20.

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