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6 Places For An Epic White Water Rafting Adventure Within 5 Hours of Columbus

Who doesn’t love an exciting outdoor adventure?

In landlocked Ohio, sometimes a day in the water seems far-fetched, but luckily there are tons of river spots within driving distance for an amazing water expedition!

White water rafting is a combination of thrilling, terrifying, and beautiful, and it’s definitely an ego booster when you finish. Rushing across the rapids with your friends and feeling like you might tip at any moment is super exciting.

If you haven’t given it a try yet, I’d highly recommend it! Here are six places to get you started.

Laurel Highlands River Tours and Outdoor Center

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Located in Ohiopyle, PA, Laurel Highlands River Tours offers three different levels of white water rafting. Whether you’re a pro or have never been on a raft before, there’s a route and guide for you! If just one adventure isn’t enough for you, you can buy full-day packages that include rafting, rock climbing, and zip-lining! Sounds absolutely epic, right?
Address: 4 Sherman St, Ohiopyle, PA 15470
Distance from Columbus: 219 miles, 3.5 hrs
Website: Laurel Highlands River Tours and Outdoor Center

Adventures on the Gorge

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The New River Gorge has been a popular place for white water rafting for many years now. Adventures on the Gorge offers single-day and overnight rafting trips. I’ve never done an overnight trip but it sounds totally amazing! I hope I get an invite if you make the trip. They have options for all levels of experience, so bring your whole fam.
Address: 219 Co Rte 60/5, Lansing, WV 25862
Distance from Columbus: 223 miles, 3 hrs 40 min
Website: Adventures on the Gorge

East Race Waterway

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Head to South Bend, IN to experience urban white water rafting. It sounded crazy to me too, but it’s actually super cool! The city of South Bend has learned how to incorporate outdoor adventures right in the heart of its downtown area. Each ride is super adorable too! $6 for one ride, $10 for two, or $15 for three. You can also buy a day pass for unlimited rides for $20.
Address: 126 North Niles Avenue, South Bend, IN 46617
Distance from Columbus: 253 miles, 4 hrs 20 min
Website: East Race Waterway

ACE Adventure Resort

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ACE Adventure Resort has a thousand different activities for the most fun-fill outdoor weekend ever. White water rafting is just one of them. My family went to ACE for vacation and had so much fun. Half-day, full-day, and overnight trips are available at different levels.
Address: 1 Concho road, Oak Hill, WV 25901
Distance from Columbus: 217 miles, 3 hrs 40 min
Website: ACE Adventure Resort

River Expeditions

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River Expeditions does white water rafting trips on the New River and the Gauley River. They also offer scenic float trips if flying out of a raft occasionally isn’t really your thing. On the flip side, they also offer extreme rafting tours for people with experience on class 5 rapids.
Address: 900 Broadway Ave, Oak Hill, WV 25901
Distance from Columbus: 217 miles, 3 hrs 35 min
Website: River Expeditions

West Virginia Adventures

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Located in Glen Jean WV, West Virginia Adventures features gentle, intermediate, and extreme rafting trips. They have a variety of trip choices varying in length, intensity, and raft sizes. Take your best friend, your significant other, or your family and you’re sure to have a good time either way.
Address: 231 Wood Mountain Rd, Glen Jean, WV 25846
Distance from Columbus: 214 miles, 3 hrs 40 min
Website: West Virginia Adventures