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10 Reasons To Fly Through The Trees At Hocking Hills Canopy Tours This Summer

Listen up Columbus, I have your next summer adventure right here waiting for you.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is an exciting and beautiful way to experience Ohio in the summer and I’m so glad I got to do it before the summer rush! We were invited to come enjoy the ziplining adventure just a short drive out of Columbus so I brought my brother Jonah along with me to check it out.

We had an absolutely epic time and I can’t wait to go back! If just my word doesn’t convince you, here are 10 reasons why this trip is a must for your summer bucket list or just your spur of the moment afternoon activity!

1. There are gorgeous views the whole time

The tour was incredibly beautiful. I spent the whole time looking around in awe at the green trees, plants, flowers, the river, and cavern below. While you’re zipping across the lines you feel the rush of flying while also taking in the beauty that Hocking Hills forests have to offer.

Courtesy of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

2. It’s thrilling

We did the Original Canopy Tour which took us around two hours and it was a seriously epic experience. We zipped across 10 zip lines, walked across five bridges, and rappeled down to the ground at the end of the tour. Each zip is incredibly exciting and they guides tell different tips and tricks to go faster or slower depending on your comfort level. Jonah and I were full steam ahead so during the longer lines, we curled into a ball to gain extra speed! Safety first of course though, we released from our ball mid-way through to see the signal from our tour guides. I can’t wait to try their “X-Tour”, which features faster lines for a serious adrenaline rush.

3. They have options for kids so you can make it a family outing

The Dragonfly adventure is specially designed for kids. They get eight zip lines, three bridges, and a sky tunnel which sounds pretty awesome to me! They also offer birthday packages to make your kid’s special day an extra adventure.

4. You can make it a date

Going on an adventure is one of my favorite types of dates. You can bond over being terrified! What better way to spend a day with someone you care about than trying something new and wild? They even offer Moonlight tours on special full moon summer nights for a zip lining experience like no other.

5. The tour guides are super informed about nature you’re zipping through

At every platform, our amazing tour guide, Skyler, was able to tell us what type of tree we were on and what the forest around us was. He identified tons of different plants and even pointed out turtles to us on the river bank! It was super awesome to hear how diverse the Hocking Hills ecosystem is. I really don’t appreciate enough how beautiful Ohio is, it was really cool to hear that stuff.

6. It’s easier to get to than you think

I had this perception that this place was going to take forever to get to so I made my jet-lagged brother wake up pretty early to drive there with me… We were there about 40 minutes early. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is just a straight shot down 33 East. It took us 45 minutes to get there and there were no twists and turns or crazy backroads to follow.

7. You can make it part of a larger trip to Hocking Hills

In addition to the long tours, they also have a Superzip line. The Superzip is one long line that can get you up to speeds of 40mph. Yeah, that sounds crazy but I totally want to try it. A short ziplining experience like this means you can add this to all your other awesome Hocking Hills plans like hiking or kayaking and still have plenty of time for it all.

8. They have off-road segways

Oh yeah. You read that right. Have you ever heard of these things before? I hadn’t. Think Paul Blart Mall-cop, but on hills! Riding this was so fun, and you can get going really fast on the hill. I felt pretty majestic riding through the dandelion field. We just rode around the field to experience it but they also offer a full tour that highlights Hocking river, plant, and wildlife, as well as ancient caves. I totally want to come back for that.

Courtesy of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

9. They take photos through the whole trip, and they’re free

You know when you ride a roller coaster and they have cameras set up along the way? Then after the ride, you go and look and you laugh at yourself because you look ridiculous. But then they ask you to pay an insane amount for one photo? Yeah, I know, it’s ridiculous. At Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, your tour guides will take great photos of you and your group through the whole trip and send them all to you after, for free! You don’t have to stress about bringing your phone or camera on the tour when you might lose it. They’ve got you covered.

Courtesy of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

10. The whole process is designed so that even the newbies feel like pros

I love zip lining, so I went into this ready to roll. But the first time you decide to fly high through the trees it’s a little nerve-racking. The tour guides are careful to explain every step so you know exactly what’s happening. They show you all the equipment and help you get a sense of how secure it is so you can feel safe and enjoy the whole experience. If you’re afraid of heights but still want to give it a try, I’d recommend trying out the SuperZip first. It’s one long zip line that allows you to experience the fun of zipping through the trees and the beauty of the scenery, without the waiting on high platforms part.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is located at 10714 Jackson Street Rockbridge, Ohio 43149
Visit their website to make a reservation.