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The Most Breathtaking Winter Hikes In Ohio

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to coop yourself up inside.

Although it can be tempting to snuggle up in a blanket and rewatch your favorite tv show for the 100th time, it’s important to remember that Ohio is actually freaking beautiful in the winter.

If you stay tucked away inside, you’ll miss out on all of the frozen majesty that the Buckeye State has to offer. Grab your hiking boots and your sense of adventure, folks! We have a lot to see!

Blue Hen Falls

2001 Boston Mills Rd, Brecksville, OH 44141

Distance from Columbus: 2 hours
About the hike: You’ll be in the car longer than you will be hiking back to the falls, but that’s okay because they’re totally worth it. This is a shorter hike over hilly terrain, but the payoff is a beautiful, frozen waterfall. When the water is flowing the falls are the result of Spring Creek dropping 15 feet onto the rocks below. This trail is perfect for families.
More info: Blue Hen Falls

Hocking Hills State Park

19852 OH-664, Logan, OH 43138

grandma gatewood trail hocking hills
Lower Falls section of the Grandma Gatewood Trail via Facebook.

Distance from Columbus: 1 hour
About the hike: Everywhere in Hocking Hills is gorgeous when covered with snow. From Ash Caves to Cedar Falls, the beautiful ice formations will be the exact Instagrammable moment you’ve been searching for. The hikes range in difficulty, so be sure to visit the park website before setting out.
More info: Hocking Hills State Park

Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park

12440 OH-282, Garrettsville, OH 44231

Distance from Columbus: 2 hours 40 minutes
About the hike: Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park is one of our state’s best-kept secrets. The park is carry-in/carry-out, which means there are no on-site trash cans, so don’t take anything in you don’t plan on taking back out with you when you leave! There are 4 trails at the park, from easy-difficult. Notable attractions at the park include Devil’s Icebox, Indian Pass and Old Maid’s Kitchen!
More info: Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park

Mohican State Park

3116 OH-3, Loudonville, OH 44842

Distance from Columbus: 1.5 hours
About the hike: If wilderness is what you’re searching for, you’ll find it at Mohican State Park. The park is massive, with 1,110 acres dedicated to the park itself and 4,525 acres of state forest nearby. There is literally nothing more enchanting than the Mohican Forest in winter!
More info: Mohican State Park

Lake Hope State Park

27331 OH-278, McArthur, OH 45651

Distance from Columbus: 1 hour 15 minutes
About the hike: The forests surrounding Lake Hope are full of Oak and hickory trees, making the perfect backdrop for a winter hike. The lake itself is even more beautiful in the snow. The park has 7 trails, which vary in length and difficulty.
More info: Lake Hope State Park

Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve

2340 Meister Rd SW, Lancaster, OH 43130

Distance from Columbus: 40 minutes
About the hike: Looking for a little perspective? If you head to the top of Jacob’s Ladder at Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve, you’ll get it. The view overlooks the valley of Arney Run, 250 feet below. The trail is about 3 miles long and it can be difficult at times, so be sure you’re adequately prepared!
More info: Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve

Clear Creek Metro Park

Clear Creek Rd, Rockbridge, OH 43149

via Clear Creek Metro Park Facebook

Distance from Columbus: 42 minutes
About the hike: Forests, Black Hand sandstone cliffs, ravines, and creeks are all waiting for you at Clear Creek Metro Park! The park is home to Ohio’s largest nature preserve, where you’ll find over 2,200 species of plants and animals. And this may seem self-explanatory, but the creek really is so freakin’ clear! Absolutely stunning.
More info: Clear Creek Metro Park

Walnut Woods Metro Park

6723 Lithopolis Rd, Groveport, OH 43125

Distance from Columbus: 25 minutes
About the hike: The woodlands and fields of Walnut Woods Metro Park are beautiful. But the most stunning part of the whole park is the Tall Pines area. It’s magical any time of year, but there’s something about these pines being covered in snow that transforms it to something incredibly magical. The trails are all described as easy by the park and they vary in length.
More info: Walnut Woods Metro Park

Bedford Reservation

Overlook Ln, Walton Hills, OH 44146

Distance from Columbus: 2 hours 15 minutes
About the hike: A deep gorge, carved by Tinker’s Creek, is the highlight of any trip to Bedford Reservation. The gorge itself was named a National Natural Landmark, but the surrounding area is just as beautiful. There are trails that overlook the gorge, as well as trails that take you down near Tinker’s Creek. The trails range in length from a little under a half a mile to nearly 10 miles long, so you can pick the length that works best for you!
More info: Bedford Reservation

Caesar Creek State Park

8570 OH-73, Waynesville, OH 45068

Distance from Columbus: 1 hour 20 minutes
About the hike: The park offers 10 hiking trails, but the most beautiful trail to trek during the winter is the one that leads to Horseshoe Falls. The trail is moderate-difficult and it’s about .7 miles long. The park sits in the heart of Ohio’s Ancient Earthworks and the area was home to the regions most important indigenous civilizations from 300 BCE until around 1600 CE.
More info: Caesar Creek State Park