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Retro Radio: WCOL 92.3

WCOL 92.3 is an FM radio station broadcasting country music in Columbus, Ohio. It is the number one radio station in the city. WCOL’s history dates back to 1948. The station originally aired different programming throughout the day which included a religious format during the daytime hours and rock music in the evening. From the late ’70s through the ’80s the station played rock music and went by the call letters WXGT. In 1992 WCOL started broadcasting the country jams for which they are known. Many notable radio DJs have gone through the station including Joseph “Smokin’ Joe” Dawson, Gary Spears, Baltazar, and Doug Ritter.

A radio Hit Line Survey from when Tommy Vance was a Dj on WCOL. The inside of the pamphlet says that the number one song on WCOL the week of November 27, 1967 was The Turtles’ “Happy Together.” Photo via colleenscollects on eBay.

A television commercial for WCOL during its time under the call numbers WXGT.

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