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14 Fitness Fanatics To Follow On Instagram From The 614

With the Arnold Sports Festival in town, almost everyone in Columbus is going to feel inspired to get fit. One of the best ways to get inspiration or a couple of workout tips is to turn to Instagram. 14 fitness gurus from the Columbus area that are bound to get you in the mood to pump some iron or run that extra mile.

1. Sarah Bruce

Sarah “Steadfast Sarah” Bruce is a competitor in the Arnold Amateur Body Building Figure competition and she is no joke. Check out her Instagram and scroll back a bit to how far she has come in the past several weeks in preparation for the competition.

2. Sami B.

Sami is the perfect person to follow if you are looking for new things to add to your gym routine. She posts super helpful videos in the gym and in the kitchen for meal prep. And if you like the threads she wears to the gym check out Sami’s clothing line P’tula.

3. Omar “Dr. Gainz” Jones

From boxing as a Golden Glove Boxer, to serving in the United States Army, to competing in Physique Competitions, this guy is one tough dude. If you’re looking for someone to motivate you to get “swol,” Dr. Gainz is the follow for you.

4. Sarah Manns

This kitty’s got claws and muscles. You can find Sarah at the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend. She has been training for months to compete in the Women’s Bodybuilding Bikini competition.

5. Danja Yoga

Daniel Sernicola and Jake Hays are yoga instructors and go all over Columbus teaching yoga to athletes and corporate offices with every body type in mind. According to their Facebook, “This dynamic duo is leaving their imprint on lives throughout the city and suburbs and their work with adults and teens to provide self-acceptance and relaxation is much appreciated.”

6. Tim Dan Boyer

Tim’s a regular old guy that’s super into Crossfit. If he’s a great follow because his smile is contagious. If working out has made him this happy, it could do the same for you!

7. Yoga on High

Follow Yoga on High for some amazing pictures of yoga positions! They make it look so easy. Like their name suggests you can find their yoga studio at 1081 N. High Street in the Short North.

8. Eric Miller

Follow Eric Miller to get some tips for your works and to see pictures of his clients hard at work. It’s great to see all sorts of people working hard to try and get fit!

9. Flashfit Photography

Mike Murphy is a fitness and sports photographer. He makes frequent stops at Crossfit locations around Columbus to take pictures of the athletes hard a work. If you are new to working out and are curious about what Crossfit is all about, follow Flashfit Photography.

10. Krys Nadock

Once you’ve trained at the gym using a couple routines from some of the other Instagram Fitness Fanatics, follow Krys so you can learn to take the perfect mirror selfie. And then workout some more.

11. Nijya Khyree

Nijya teaches cardio dance related fitness classes. No wonder she’s got a smile on her face! She gets to help people get healthy and shake her groove thang all at once!

12. Megan Cameron

Megan has a great, positive additude. Not only does she lift weights, she’ll life up your spirit.

13. T&J No Limit Fitness

Theo Sakellaris and Jerry Moore are the founders of T&J No Limit Fitness and they mean business. It’s always been their dream to open their own gym and here they are!

14. The Arnold Sports Festival

Last but not least, you should follow the Sports Festival of the Big Man himself. Stay connected to the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend while you’re out exploring the Expo. They give details on some great booths to stop by while you’re at the Arnold.

Feel the FITSpiration! What are you favorite parts events at the Arnold Sports Festival? Tell us in the comments below, on Facebook, or send us a tweet at @CbusNavigator!