Progress At The Most Anticipated Metro Park, Quarry Trails, Is Moving Right Along

It seems like it’s been decades since Quarry Trails Metro Park was first announced.

But honestly, it could be actual decades and I’d probably still be incredibly excited for this park to open. The park is moving forward, with environmental remediation and preliminary site planning already in the works. Quarry Trails is a public-private partnership and will be unlike any other park in Columbus.

In addition to standard Metro Park features like trails, picnicking, nature, and fitness, Quarry Trails will have a variety of watersports including kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, fishing, and access to the Scioto River.

The park will have a dedicated dog park area, as well as rock climbing and highly anticipated mountain biking trails. The trails will cost about $400,000 and will also have a viewing area for spectators to gather.

There will be three to five mountain biking trails, each 3/4 of a mile to a mile long and in varying degrees of difficulty including jumps, ramps, and other obstacles.

While no opening date has been announced just yet, the park is moving closer and closer to being completed. For more updates about the park or to follow along with the process, you can follow Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks on Facebook or visit the park’s website here.

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