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12 Ohio Beaches Perfect For A Day In The Summer Sun

Originally publishd 7/16/18. Updated 6/20/19.

It’s not hard to enjoy a day at your friendly neighborhood pool.

But sometimes, you just want something different. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful view or some sand between your toes, sometimes there’s nothing that will do the trick quite like going to the beach.

I know what you’re thinking. “This is Ohio, it’s not a quick trip to the beach!” If we’re talking oceans, of course, you’re right. But Ohio has beaches, and some of them are pretty darn impressive! There are daytrips, weekend getaways, or quick afternoon jaunts to the beach, and they’re all right here in Ohio.

Mineral Springs Lake

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Mineral Srings Lake offers cabins for rent as well as RV and tent camping locations. The lake is 100 surface acres with 5.5 miles of shoreline. There are also over 300 campsites on the 500 acres of land surrounding the lake. Hello, Mother Nature!

  • Where: Peebles, Ohio
  • Cost: $5 per person
  • Features: Camping, inflatables in the lake
  • Distance From Columbus: 95 miles

Lake Logan State Park

Wishing for a beach day at lake Logan right about now! #lakelife #lakelogan

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The 400-acre Lake Logan features a 527 foot public swimming beach. That means plenty of room to set up without being right on top of anyone else. There are six different picnic areas with drinkable water, grills, and public restrooms as well as three seperate hiking trails for nature exploration. Food, water, a bathroom, and stunning scenery: what more do you really need?

  • Where: Logan, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Trails, fishing, boating
  • Distance From Columbus: 46 miles

Long’s Retreat

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No matter your camping style, Long’s Retreat has you covered with over 400 campsites in addition to their 13 camping cabins, three deluxe units, and two trailers for rent. Whew. That’s a lot of options. There are also plenty of non-water activities to please everyone including go-karts, mini-golf, an arcade, volleyball courts, and more.

  • Where: Latham, Ohio
  • Cost: $4 per person
  • Features: Camping, Waterslides, splash pad, diving boards, arcade
  • Distance From Columbus: 80 miles

Baylor Beach Water Park

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The 146 acres of Baylor Beach park are a great place for big gatherings like family reunions and parties. They have four picnic shelters and a pavilion. So fancy. There’s also a variety of activities on the lake such as a 90-foot waterslide and fountains. If you’d prefer to be on the beach there’s cornhole, volleyball, and basketball courts. But honestly, who could resist that waterslide?

  • Where: Navarre, Ohio
  • Cost: $7 a person
  • Features: Camping, slides, inflatables, diving boards
  • Distance From Columbus: 115 miles

Buckeye Lake

There are multiple beaches on the 3,100 acres of Buckeye Lake, all with beautiful scenery and great places to picnic. Due to it’s size, the lake is designed as an unlimited horsepower lake. Got a need for speed? This is your place. The multiple beaches are monitored frequently for waterlevel and water conditions, so be sure to look for the latest postings before choosing your beach.

  • Where: Millersport, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Camping, boating, fishing, multiple beaches
  • Distance From Columbus: 30 miles

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

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Nelson Ledges is a great place to find a little adventure on their 250 acres of forests, meadows, streams, and rock ledges. They offer a variety of activities such as scuba diving, cliff jumping, and kayaking. Their 400 campsites are located in a variety of scenaries to fit everyone’s style, whether it’s wooded or waterfront. The water is usually 30ft deep with lots of shelves, rock formations, plant and fish life to explore while scuba diving.

  • Where: Chippewa Lake. Ohio
  • Cost: $12 per person on weekends, $10 on weekdays
  • Features: Scuba, fishing, camping
  • Distance From Columbus: 162 miles

Cedar Point

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After a long day in the sun riding roller roasters, Cedar Point Beach is the perfect oportunity to relax and cool off. The mile stretch of beach along Lake Erie has great swimming as well as soft sand for sunbathing, beach volleyball, and sandcastle building. It’s probably the most typical “beach” here in Ohio, and it’s definitely worth a trip up north.

  • Where: Sandusky, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Cedar Point roller coaster park, Cedar Point water park, volleyball courts
  • Distance From Columbus: 120 miles

Maumee Bay State Park

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Maumee Bay offers 1,336 acres of park land for great camping sites with tents or RV’s. The park has two Lake Erie beaches, a golf course, two miles of trails, and a nature center. Who wants to go bird watching?

  • Where: Oregon, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Trails, fishing, boating
  • Distance From Columbus: 135 miles

Kelleys Island State Park

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There’s so much to do on Kelleys Island. The 677-acre state park is located on the North end of the island. The park has a 100ft public swimming beach as well as two picnic areas and eight miles of trails. Spend the weekend and rent bikes or even a golf cart to feel the wind in your hair and take in everything the island life has to offer.

  • Where: Kelleys Island, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Trails, kayaking, fishing, boating
  • Distance From Columbus: 136 miles

Nickel Plate Beach

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Nickel Plate’s well-maintained beach makes it a great place to expereience Lake Erie with 12.3 acres of beach front. There’s soft sand into the water at the public swimming and a network of sandbars in the lake. If you’re interested in a little exploring, the Huron River’s one-third mile east jetty is accessible from Nickel Plate Beach.

  • Where: Huron, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Volleyball courts, playgorund, grills
  • Distance From Columbus: 115 miles

Salt Fork State Park

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Experience everything Salt Fork Lake has to offer by staying in the beautiful lodge, or just take a day trip to the 2,500ft beach. There are 14 scenic trails in the park and other land activities such as Kennedy Stone Historic House, playgrouds, picnic areas in the camping locations, and a mini golf course. The dog park is about one acre and features a waterfront area for the puppers to swim off-leash. Let’s see that doggy paddle!

  • Where: Lore City, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Golf, archery, dog park, fishing, trails
  • Distance From Columbus: 91 miles

Buck Creek State Park

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Buck Creek is 1,894 acres of park and 2,120 acres of lake that are great for the whole family, including the four-legged members. Unlimited horsepower boating is available on the lake, as well as seasonal dock rental. The hiking trails vary in difficulty and range from 1-8 miles in length. Take a long hike then cool off at the beach! Sounds pretty great, right?

  • Where: Springfield, Ohio
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Boating, fishing, disc golf, trails, playground, camping
  • Distance From Columbus: 80 miles

Have fun, stay hydrated, and don’t feel bad about taking a little nap!


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