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The Christmas Pop-Up At The Citizens Trust Is Just The Right Amount Of Holiday Cheer

When I heard that there was an over-the-top Christmas pop-up at one of the coolest cocktail bars in Columbus, I had all sorts of feelings.

I enjoy Christmas as much as the next girl, but I do have “Scroogish” tendencies. I’m not a full-blown Grinch, but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the… overwhelmingness of the holiday season.

But there are times when it’s worth it to lean into the whole Christmas thing. And the Miracle Pop Up at The Citizens Trust is one of those times.

Miracle Pop Up started back in 2014 in NYC, and it’s been popping up here in Columbus since 2018. The Citizens Trust is hosting the event until the new year, with Christmas decorations tastefully throughout the bar, themed (and delicious) cocktails, and of course, some Christmas tunes playing in the background.

The bar is gorgeous anyway, but with the decorations, the lighting, the soul-warming cocktails, it truly makes my heart grow at least 2 sizes every year.

The Citizens Trust is located at 11 W Gay Street. They’re open Thursday-Saturday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Who’s ready to celebrate with rum and Rudolph?