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15 Restaurants To Try On The East Side Of Columbus

These restaurants represent the best of Columbus’ East Side.

I’m pretty much a product of Columbus’ east side. It nursed me as a babe, raised me as a kid, and taught me life lessons as an adult with some pretty tough love. I may have spent some time away, but east Columbus will always be home. So that’s why I have to show some love to all the diners and eateries over on this side of town.

Whether you live out here and you need help finding your new favorite restaurant or you live on the West side of town and need to recognize our restaurant superiority, here are 15 places on the east side that everyone in the city needs to try.

Pita House

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What people are saying: “Every single thing I had last night was Flavorful and Amazing.” -Facebook.
Where: 2996 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43209

TAT Ristorante De Famiglia

The pasta of my dreams ? #topcolumbusrestaurants

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What people are saying: “Cannoli was divine, meatball sub also divine. I’ll be craving this.” -Yelp
Where: 1210 S James Rd, Columbus, OH 43227

Aab Indian Restaurant

What people are saying: “I thought the food was great! Loved the atmosphere and the culture being on display.” -Facebook
Where: 2400 E Main St, Bexley, OH 43209

Giuseppe’s Ritrovo

What people are saying: “Food was truly amazing and delicious. Beet salad was so tasty and the warm mozzarella was so smooth and fluffy almost like biting into a marshmallow.” -Facebook.
Where: 2268 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209

Black Creek Bistro

What people are saying: “A wonderful place for everyone. Vegan and Vegetarian are fresh and inventive.” -Yelp
Where: 51 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

The Top Steakhouse

What people are saying:  “You can never go wrong eating at the Top. The Rat Pack atmosphere, food and drinks are exceptional.” -Facebook
Where: 2891 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43209

The Crest Gastropub

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What people are saying:  “The beer selection is awesome, the food was great, and our server was the perfect amount of chatty.” -Facebook
Where: 621 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43206


Chori Pollo Poutine. Fan-flipping-tactic. . . . #cbusfoodbloggers #cbusfoodscene #foodsdventures #foodismylovelanguage

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What people are saying:  “Been here twice and loved it both times. I like the fact that they use local ingredients and the menu changes all the time.” -Yelp
Where: 410 E Whittier St, Columbus, OH 43206

Yellow Brick Pizza

The Chicago style pizza. Every bit as American as hot dogs or hamburgers.

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What people are saying:  “They offer fresh, creative combinations as well as gluten-free crust options.” -Facebook
Where: 892 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43205

The Angry Baker

What people are saying:  “Cute and quaint. The atmosphere is perfect for studying and people watching.” -Facebook
Where: 891 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43205

B & K Smokehouse

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What people are saying:  “This place is awesome!! James one of the owners was very friendly and offers free samples to help us decide on what to get.” -Yelp
Where: 1114 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43205

What the Waffle

Don’t waffle on this Waffle…Sandwich

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What people are saying:  “This is the sit-down breakfast you always want to treat yourself to with the convenience of being able to take it home or to work with you.” -Facebook
Where: 1117 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43205

Way Down Yonder

What people are saying: “Outside of actually being in New Orleans – this is the best food we’ve had!” -Facebook
Where: 1117 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43205

Stav’s Diner

Ahhhhhh Stav’s French toast is soooo good ? #frenchtoast #brunch #breakfast #foodporn #food

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What people are saying: “Awesome awesome breakfast . Really chill diner close to Columbus airport.” -Yelp
Where: 2932 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43209

Golden Donuts Diner

What people are saying:  “Great local business. Been getting the apple fritters since I was a tot!” -Yelp
Where: 1928 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus, OH 43207