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This 1985 Dodge Camper Van Will Take You On A 3-Brewery Road Trip Around Columbus

Getaway Brewing Company, Seventh Son, and Antiques on High have revealed an awesome new brewery tour concept: The Getaway Van Experience.

You and five friends can hop into the “Getaway Van”, a 1985 Dodge camper van, on a 3-4 hour round trip tour of the breweries. The tour kicks off with a behind-the-scenes look at Seventh Son. After the tour, y’all can hop into the wonderfully 80s interior of the van (complete with wood paneling and a swiveling front passenger seat) and head on to the next stop.

“The Getaway Van Experience is unlike any other brewery tour we’ve seen,” said co-owner Collin Castore. “Our customers will get a good understanding of our history and the creative and technical process of our brewing. And the van is super sweet—you can’t help but love it. Plus, it’s not only fun, but it’s a safe way for our customers to travel to all three of our locations, which is also very important to us.”

Photos courtesy of Getaway Brewing Co.

At each of the three breweries, you’ll be able to sample flights of beer, snacks from a new charcuterie vending machine, and some beers to enjoy on the road.

The Getaway Van Experience is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, small company outings, or just for an evening with beer-loving friends. The experience will be available to reserve starting in January. To schedule or find more information about the Getaway Van Experience, please click here.