8 Pedal-Perfect Places For A Casual Bike Ride Around Columbus

One of the best things (in my opinion) about Columbus is that there are so many fabulous places to just walk around and enjoy the scenery. But why walk when you can ride? There are equally as many great places to ride your bike around town!

Don’t have a bike but still want to pedal around town? You can use the CoGo bikes! These are the black and red bike-share bikes you’ve seen around Columbus. Download the app to find bike stations and pay to ride.

Scioto Mile

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The paths around Scioto Mile are perfect for a casual ride. Head down under the bridges to get over to the Scioto Audobon Metro Park. There is plenty of green space for a picnic or just some chill time during your ride.

Bexley and Wolfe Park

The Bexley neighborhoods are easily bikeable because there really isn’t that much traffic. Being able to bike in the streets means you can bike with a group while maintaining a safe distance. You can also head a little West and ride the paths of Wolf Park. Bonus: there are always cute dogs there.

Italian Village

For more of a city vibe with your ride head to Italian Village area. I love looking at the older homes around the area and the way people have decorated their cute little yards. Many of the streets have recently added bike lanes making your ride easier to navigate. Pre-order from Fox In The Snow and enjoy a New Orleans Iced Coffee during your ride.

Hoover Dam

Bike around the reservoir or head down the Big Walnut Trail for a longer ride. There’s always a nice breeze coming off the water and places to stop and sit with a great view. There’s also fishing and boating at Hoover to make it an all day activity.

Inniswood Metro Park

Just about every metro park around Columbus has bike trails but I’ve pulled out a couple that are particularly pretty to pedal through. Inniswood Metro Park has a variety of short trails for you to try.


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The Clintonville area has made an effort to increase the streets with bike accessibility. This means there are lots of bike lanes and slower speed limits to accommodate bikers. Bring your kids for an easy bike around the neighborhood. From there you can head over to the Whetstone Park of Roses, which is looking pretty fantastic right about now.

Three Creeks Metro Park

Three Creeks Metro Park has five different bike trails. Some connect to other trails around the city for a longer ride and some are just within the park, the choice is yours! There is always lots of cute creatures around the park. Your ride will also be filed the songs of a variety of bird species. They even have an eagles nest on the Southern side of the park!

German Village

German Village is full of cute houses and niche gardens to look at as you bike around. The only downside is the brick roads so if you go for this one be ready for the bumpy ride. If you need a beautiful spot to take a break, swing by Schiller Park and hang out for a while. Both the people and puppy watching come highly recommended.

Looking for a more challenging ride? Here are some awesome bike trails in Columbus!

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