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Tubing In Hocking Hills Is The Perfect Summer Adventure

There is no better way to spend a sunny Ohio afternoon than by getting a group of friends together for a little adventure.

Whether you’re looking for sometime a little more active like canoeing or kayaking, or you’re looking to relax and float, Hocking Hills Adventures has the fun you’ve been looking for.

The tubing trip through Hocking Hills Adventures is about 5 miles long and the time varies depending on the water conditions. The higher the water level, the faster the trip, but in general, trips last between 2-5 hours.

via Hocking Hills Adventures

Depending on water conditions, the tubing trip will either start at Crockett’s Run and end at the Canoe Livery or start at the Riverside Campground and finish at Crockett’s Run.

via Hocking Hills Adventures

Tubing is available from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

via Hocking Hills Adventures

Tubing is perfect for groups of friends and families with kids over 12.

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The Canoe livery is located at 31251 Chieftain Dr., Logan, OH 43138. For more information about Hocking Hills Adventures, please click here.

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