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14 Memes Every Ohioan Can Relate To

Ah, Ohio. The land of cornfields (both real and artistic), unpredictable weather, and enough quirks to keep the internet busy with memes for decades. Why do we love poking fun at our own state with memes? Because it’s a way to embrace the chaos with a smile. Memes have become our go-to for a quick laugh, a moment of shared understanding, and a way to say, “Yep, that’s us!” without taking it all too seriously.

Concocting memes about Ohio is like swapping inside jokes with a few million of your closest friends. It’s our way of bonding over the absurdity of snow in April, the never-ending construction season, or the fierce pride that comes with our sports teams (win or lose). Through these light-hearted jabs, we find common ground, a sense of community, and a reminder not to sweat the small stuff.

Four seasons? Not here! In Ohio, it’s more like 12.


Somehow, everything is only 20 minutes away.


The Cicadas are more likely to return than construction ever finishing.


We yearn for public transportation.

There was once an entire rumored backstory for Elden Ring that involved Ohio being a fantasy hellscape, and tbh I could see it.


No one NIMBYs like we NIMBY.


I guess this is where we unironically say “Not In My Backyard!”


It’s all Ohio, basically.

Until it’s not.


But seriously, some of y’all have lungs of steel.


It’s called an Ohio tan.

We know the weather is wild, but it’s still somehow always surprising.


Actual words to live by, right here.

There’s nothing I want more…