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10 Local Swimming Holes You’ve Gotta Visit Soon

Swimming pools are great and all, but they can’t stack up to the beauty of an outdoor swimming hole.

As the temperatures rise and the sun becomes less forgiving, Central Ohioans look forward to one thing to help fend off the heat; a good swim. But sometimes the local pool just ain’t gonna cut it and we find ourselves looking for something a bit more refreshing. Fortunately, Ohio is practically teeming with natural waterholes. From lakes to rivers and waterfalls, Ohio has no shortage of gorgeous bodies of water to get our swim on. Take a peek at this list of the 10 must visit swimming spots in the area and maybe plan a trip later this summer.

Alum Creek State Park Beach

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Constructed in the early 1970s due to the Flood Control Act of 1962, the area itself has a history that goes back even further, serving as an important pathway for the Underground Railroad. Today, the beach offers a changing area, bathrooms and a concession stand.

Chagrin Falls

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The Chagrin River runs through the entire town of Chagrin Falls, located southeast of Cleveland. The river has several waterfall spots and swimming holes, one most notably near the middle of town, lending the town its name. The water can be as deep as 15 feet and the waterfall itself is 20 feet.

Caesar’s Creek State Park

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Another man-made body of water, Caesar’s Creek was authorized under the Flood Control Act of 1938. The reservoir is in southern Ohio, just west of the Ohio Renaissance fairgrounds, and offers log cabins for special events and a nature center.

Cedar Falls

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A picturesque waterfall in Hocking Hills State Park, surrounded by hemlock trees. Cedar Falls is the largest waterfall in the park and received its name when early settlers mistook the surrounding trees for cedars.

Mineral Springs Lake

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A natural lake fed by mineral spring water, Mineral Spring stretches over 5 miles of shoreline. Nearby is a resort for tourists, and plenty of room for campers to set up base.

Lake Logan State Park

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Considered one of the best fishing spots in Ohio, the lake extends 400 acres wide. The north shore provides a 527-foot public beach, allowing easy access for swimming and fishing.

Ludlow Creek

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Ludlow Creek feeds into a gorgeous 15-foot waterfall outside of the town of Ludlow Falls. Extending over the falls is the route 43 bridge, which creates a truly impressive view.

Long’s Retreat

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Long’s Retreat is a resort and outdoor water park in Ludlam, Ohio. The lake is 20 acres large and even has a water slide. You can rent paddle boats starting at 13 dollars hourly.

Dundee Falls

Located in the Beach City Wildlife area, the waterfall itself is roughly 12 to 15 feet tall. The surrounding area provides opportunities for hunting and fishing as well as inns and bed and breakfasts for tourists.

Clear Fork River

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A tributary of the Mohican River, Clear Fork travels 36.6 miles through Morrow and Ashland County. Not only is it a well-known swimming and fishing hole, it’s also known for having natural gold deposits.

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