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The Washington Gladden Social Justice Park Is Officially Open

After nearly a year and half of waiting, the Washington Gladden Social Justice Park is officially open.

Located at 404 E. Broad St., the park is a place where people can gather to promote social causes and to take a look back at local residents who’ve made big impacts on our communities.

The city’s newest pocket park is dedicated to Rev. Dr. Washington Gladden. Gladden was an advocate for “social justice in terms of civil rights, workers’ rights, voting rights, religious pluralism, school integration, and the needs of the poor and oppressed.”

According to the park’s mission statement, the purpose of the space is simple:

“The park is to be an oasis of hope where past achievements for social justice are recognized and current struggles are revealed. The park is open to all, regardless of beliefs and views, who are willing to offer open minds to seek understanding of diverse interests and values and to promote the common good. It is to be a safe haven for those feeling oppressed as well as a starting point for all to build the path to a better future.”

For more information about the park, please visit