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How Many Kangaroos Could You Fight? Ohio Is Counting On You

How many kangaroos could you fight?

Twitter user @laz1023 has left all responsible Ohioians asking themselves that very same question after a hilarious tweet over the weekend. The tweet was simple. When the current population of Ohio is pitted against the world’s population of kangaroo, Ohioans are badly outnumbered.

Technically, Ohio has an estimated population of 11.69 million. But if we assume that @laz1023 took a few million out for children, who don’t historically make great kangaroo fighters, maybe he’s onto something.

I want to believe that here in Ohio, we are capable of anything. But I also believe that I cannot fight 5 kangaroos in hand to hand combat. Especially because I’m envisioning kangaroos like this:

It seems the hypothetical scenario has got Ohioans thinking. The original post has been retweeted 60K+ times and earned over 286,000 likes.

What do you think? Is Ohio ready for #Roopocalypse? Ohio against the kangaroo world!