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This Popular Shop Is Moving Into The Former Rag-O-Rama Space In Clintonville

I’ve got great news for anyone who’s ever fallen down the rabbit hole of “just one more unique gift” at Tigertree or found themselves cooing over the adorable wares at Cub Shrub. The dynamic duo behind these beloved stores is embarking on an adventure.

In a move that feels like your best friends finally deciding to become roommates, Tigertree and Cub Shrub are packing up their treasures and dreams to settle into the spacious abode formerly known as Rag-O-Rama. And why, you ask? Because together is better, and also, because they seriously needed more room.

The new space will offer 6,000 square feet of space for patrons to explore.

That’s right, folks. The new spot is double the size of their current combined spaces, meaning double the fun, double the finds, and zero compromises on family time for the hardworking owners juggling business with parenthood.

Ever felt the pang of disappointment when that perfect gift was just out of stock? Consider that a thing of the past. With a proper back-room, office, and a shipping department that sounds like it could run Santa’s workshop out of business, the new setup is all about keeping the good stuff coming without a hitch.

In a heartfelt shoutout to their communities, the owners have extended a giant thank you for the years of support. They’re not just moving locations; they’re leveling up their dream to create a space that matches the quality and thoughtfulness of their offerings.

And let’s be honest, in a world where clicking “add to cart” has become second nature, the promise of a space that invites us to slow down, explore, and connect is pretty darn refreshing.

Although there’s no exact date for opening, the shop is expected to open later this spring. In the meantime, you can follow Tigertree and Cub Shrub on social media for more updates.

Featured image via Facebook.