Tigertree Is Reopening At A New Brick & Mortar Spot in Clintonville

After closing their Short North location in 2020, Tigertree is back in a brick and mortar space, this time in Clintonville.

The new store, located at 3284 N High Street, joins a popular block with nearby neighbors like Ragorama, Virtue Vegan Salon, and more. The new space is roughly 2,000 square feet. With all that legroom, Tigertree plans to host not only their retail space, but a small area for classes.

The announcement about the new location was made on social media last week.

“When we closed the shop we said we’d be back. If I am being honest with you I didn’t really believe it. I wanted to believe it. That’s the sort of thing you say when you’ve lost something and you’re trying to stay positive. I certainly didn’t think we’d be talking about it so soon. So it makes me so happy to share some huge news: we’re moving to Clintonville,” said Tigertree on Facebook.

The shop has two storefronts that are connected, giving plenty of space to spread out. There will be more gift, home, and card brands for sale. For right now, Tigertree will still be operating as an online-only shop, with customers able to pick up their items curbside.

Later this spring, they’ll be opening up to the public. There will be a limited capacity inside the store and strict safety measures will be in place.

The new location for Tigertree in Clintonville.

Owner Josh described the new location as “more conducive” to in store pick-up, which has quickly become the bread and butter of Tigertree’s business.

It’s been a tough year for local businesses in general and when Tigertree closed in July, Quinn wasn’t shy about expressing his frustration with other businesses around the Short North not adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

“We should not be in this mess,” Quinn wrote in a letter posted to Tigertree’s website. “If you don’t want to lose more places like Tigertree, please wear a mask and make sure everyone around you is wearing one, too. Consider whether the establishments you are supporting are making this situation better or worse. Above all else, this November and in subsequent elections, remember everyone who was in a position to act and failed to do so.”

Right now, you can support Tigertree by shopping online through their website. If you’re on the lookout for kids goods, you should also check out their kiddo-focused store, Cub Shrub.

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