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Here’s Where to Get Girl Scout Cookies in Columbus

Let’s be honest: there isn’t much to look forward to at the end of January.

Obviously, if you have a birthday or anniversary, or you just really love getting your W-2s, you probably already enjoy the end of January. But for the rest of us, we could all use a highlight. You know, something to help us get through the worst of winter. Thanks to the Girl Scouts, we’re all in luck.

For over 100 years, Girl Scouts have been bringing joy to their local communities by selling these delightful treats. If you don’t personally know any Girl Scouts and you’re wondering how you can get your hands on the best cookies around, you’re in luck.

The Girl Scouts have made it easier than ever to find cookies. By using their cookie finder, you’ll be able to know exactly when and where you can snag a box of your favorites.

Photo credit: Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

This year you can expect to find all of your favorite flavors, but there’s also something brand new.

The Raspberry Rallys are “thin, crispy cookies infused with raspberry flavor, dipped in a chocolaty coating.” They’re kind of like Thin Mints, except they’ve got raspberry inside that chocolate instead of mint.

Girl Scout Cookies are $5 per box. When you purchase Girl Scout Cookies, you aren’t just helping to fund new experiences. Selling the cookies also gives the scouts the opportunity to learn about business, lessons they can take with them as they grow up.

If you’d like to learn more about the Girl Scouts, or you’re just hoping to snag some cookies, you can visit