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A Multi-Billion Dollar “Multi-Tainment” Complex Called Planet Oasis Is Planned For Delaware County

So much about this news is wild, so let’s get to it: a 350 acre entertainment district is being planned for Delaware County, and will be going in next to Tanger Outlet Mall.

The name for the park will be “Planet Oasis” (“coming soon” website here) and will represent a multi-billion dollar investment being led by David Glimcher, a New Albany developer who runs Blue Horseshoe Ventures (link is to LinkedIn – the Blue Horseshoe domain is a parked Go Daddy page).

The development will be 350 acres in size, and according to Columbus Business First, all the land is already under Blue Horseshoe’s control.

Planet Oasis will be built in stages with half expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

The map above will give you a sense of the planned scale – Tanger Outlets is shown in the bottom left, and this will be several times that size.

Planned attractions:

  • Amusement rides
  • Indoor water park
  • An indoor roller coaster
  • Bowling
  • Indoor Surfing
  • Skateboarding
  • Shopping
  • A health and wellness center
  • Movie theatre
  • BMX Course
  • Butterfly Park
  • e-sports Arena
  • 160,000 sq ft indoor sports venue

The complex will center around a 15-20 acre salt water lake, with beach and boardwalk.

Developers also want to build 15 hotels (Hilton and Mariott are confirmed edit: this was incorrectly reported, a later article says they are “interested) and a conference center on the property.

Planet Oasis has a 1990’s smell to it (even the name feels 90’s, and you also have the clip art looking logo), and apart from being outdoors, it seems like a throwback to old school malls. Some of that is the “everything but the kitchen sink” pitch happening here that was so common with mega-malls like Mall of America.

On the plus side, I do think they are correct that modern day retail needs to be experience oriented to compete with online options.

Finally, Columbus Business First could stand to be a little less wide eyed here – if you just skimmed their headline (“Billion dollar-plus amusement park planned on 350 acres in Delaware County“) this afternoon you’d be forgiven for thinking a King’s Island/Cedar Point competitor was coming. Instead, it’s a hodge podge of things the Columbus area mostly already has, but duplicated in one Delaware location.