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What’s The Official Columbus Skyline?

When you picture America’s big cities, a familiar image probably creeps up. If it’s New York, it’s likely a view of Manhattan from across the Hudson River that comes to mind. Chicago’s skyscrapers are perfectly framed from a view on Lake Michigan. But when you think of the capital city’s skyline, is there one view that says it all? With the completion of the Scioto Mile in 2012, it’s safe to say that this is the skyline most people probably think of when they picture Columbus in their minds. And while it’s a lovely view, it isn’t my favorite.

One of my first memories as a kid is taking a COTA bus downtown with my great Aunt Marty. She was an avid shopper and we were heading for the old City Center Mall (the new site of the Columbus Commons). As we made our way up South High Street, I was transfixed on the buildings. As far as the eye could see, well as far as my 6-year-old eyes could see, the buildings were reaching towards the hot summer sky. The bus stopped at S High St. and E Livingston Ave. and I pointed my eyes forward, hoping to snag a glance of the driver’s view. When I saw the buildings in the distance, I felt like I lived in the best city in the world.

And that feeling hasn’t changed much. Every time I make my way from my Merion Village home towards “Downtown”, I briefly remember that feeling of awe I experienced as a child. The view has changed a lot in the last 20 years. There are more buildings, more glass, and more people. It’s certainly not the most glamorous view. But it’s still my favorite.

Columbus is a very photogenic city. We have a variety of architecture and design, and since our city seems to be under construction fairly regularly, we get to discover new buildings and new ways to see our city.