Go Back In Time With This Old Footage Of The Kahiki Supper Club

If someone asked me what the most missed restaurant in Columbus is, I could answer without hesitation: The Kahiki

Kahiki Supper Club first opened in 1961. It was daring and unexpected, and it quickly became an icon in the city.

It was unlike anything Columbus had ever seen before. There were twenty-foot Tiki idols flanking the doors. Celebrities and guests traveled from across the country to visit the restaurant, and they came for more than just the food. It was an experience unto itself.

But like all good things, the Kahiki Supper Club’s time eventually came to an end. By 2000, the restaurant had closed their doors and the owners transitioned to making food for the frozen aisle at the grocery store.

People loved Kahiki so much, and you can see that in this awesome video. Shot in 1999, just a year before the restaurant closed, Youtuber ubikuser and his wife were on a road trip across the country. They both grew up in Columbus, and they wanted to enjoy one last visit. If you’re a Kahiki fan, prepare yourself. This footage will give you all the feels.

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