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Tony Hawk’s Dad’s Columbus Skatepark Rides Again After Restoration

Columbus’ Dodge Park Skatepark, a historical landmark in the skateboarding community, has recently reopened its gates after undergoing extensive restoration.

What makes this park even more special? It was designed and constructed by none other than Frank Hawk, the father of legendary professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Back in 1990, when skating was outlawed in most public spaces in Columbus, Frank Hawk took the initiative to create Dodge Park Skatepark, marking it as the first skatepark in the city. The park was a visionary response to the need for a designated and safe facility where teenagers could pursue their passion for skateboarding freely.

dodge skatepark

Over the years, Dodge Skatepark became a cherished amenity in the community, serving as a haven for skaters of all ages and skill levels. Recognizing the park’s popularity, the city of Columbus embarked on a journey to restore this iconic skateboarding haven, closing it temporarily in May for the much-needed repairs.

Back in September 2022, Tony Hawk took to Facebook to express his gratitude but to also ask that the park be maintained. In a heartfelt post, he said, “To the city of Columbus: thank you for helping to solidify my father’s legacy. But I promise that he wouldn’t mind if you were to resurface and/or update the park for the next generation.”

The restoration process wasn’t just about preserving history but ensuring that the park could continue to inspire and provide a space for skateboarders for generations to come. It was a careful blend of maintaining the essence of Frank Hawk’s original design while infusing modern elements to meet the evolving needs of the skateboarding community.

Dodge Skatepark boasts three different drop-in bowls, each varying in size – a three-foot deep bowl, a four-foot deep bowl, and a six-foot deep bowl. The four-foot bowl even doubles as a half-pipe, adding versatility to the park’s features.

dodge skatepark

The Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s website provides a comprehensive overview of the park’s layout and amenities, ensuring that skaters can make the most of their experience.

Located at 667 Sullivant Ave., Dodge Skatepark is a free and accessible space for the public.