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The Columbus Zoo Officially Names Polar Bears

Mother’s Day Weekend was extra special at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The three baby polar bears have been officially named. Amelia Gray, Neva (NEE-vah), and Nuniq (NEW-nick) are ready to take on the world.

“We are proud to have collaborated with Kroger on this naming opportunity as both the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Kroger share core values of community and sustainability. Through engaging with the public and cultivating connections between people and these amazing animals, we hope to inspire more people to take action to help this species,” said Columbus Zoo and Aquarium President and CEO Tom Stalf.

To pick Amelia Gray’s name, the Zoo teamed up with Kroger Co., who held votes in their stores from April 19 through May 2. After 45,998 votes representing 69 countries, Amelia Gray was chosen.

“While all of the names were great options, the name Amelia Gray perfectly suits Anana’s cub. Not only she is she sure to help protect the future of her species, but she also represents how we can all be moved to act as defenders of polar bears,” Stalf said.

via Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Facebook

Neva and Nuniq received their names from employee initiatives. Nuniq was named after his father, Nanuq, who passed away last month, while Neva’s name means “white snow”.

The names were announced at a Mother’s Day Celebration at the Zoo, where crowds of moms and kids looked on. “At the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, we’re excited to announce the cubs’ names on Mother’s Day as today also celebrates the bonds of family,” said Ellie Shriver, a keeper in the Zoo’s North America region. “Our Zoo family appreciates the support of our Central Ohio family as we all work together to make a positive impact on polar bears and other wildlife.”