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Lost Mansions Of Columbus: The Clinton DeWeese Firestone Mansion

Columbus has been home to many palatial mansions through the years.

But not all of them have managed to survive into 2023. Buildings in Columbus get torn down for all sorts of reasons, and the large, impressive homes of yesteryear are no exception.

These great homes once lined the main streets of the city, with Broad Street boasting some iconic gems. But today, we’re focusing on one East Broad Street home, in particular, the Clinton DeWeese Firestone Mansion.

Located at 580 E. Broad Street, the home was completed in 1887 and had five levels. During the 1880s and 1890s, Romanesque Revival architecture was all the rage here in Columbus. The style started back in Germany in the mid-1800s and immigrants carried it over to the United States throughout the 19th century.

A rare view looking east on East Broad Street near the intersection of Jefferson Avenue. Visable on each side of the road are the treed avenues to separate traffic. The large stone home on the left is 580 East Broad Street, the mansion of Clinton DeWeese Firestone. Photo via CML

Building a massive home in this style wasn’t cheap, but Clinton DeWeese Firestone could certainly afford it. Firestone founded the Columbus Buggy Company in 1875. It went on to become the largest manufacturer of light buggies in the world.

His stunning mansion, with its unique, red terracotta trim, was the symbol of his business success. The Firestone family lived in the home until 1913.

580 East Broad Street, 1915. CML

The following year, the Columbus Mutual Life Insurance Company purchased the property, where it was used as the company’s headquarters until 1942. After that, the home was the site of the Buckeye Union Casualty, but only until 1960. By February 1962, this beautiful piece of Columbus history would be demolished.

If the historic homes and buildings of Columbus are of interest to you, I highly suggest that you check out A Historical Guidebook to Old Columbus: Finding the Past in the Present in Ohio’s Capital City. This fantastic book takes a look at our city through a historic lens and if you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to put it down.

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