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All Paws Social Will Bring An Indoor Dog Park, Bar, Grooming Salon, Pool, And More To Columbus

In the heart of Columbus, a unique vision is shaping the way we celebrate our four-legged companions. All Paws Retreat, led by the passionate team at its helm, is redefining the pet experience. The brainchild of a pet lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, All Paws Retreat has become a haven for dogs, offering a range of services from daycare and boarding to grooming and training.

Paws and Pours: The Genesis of All Paws Social

The idea of a dog park and bar seemed unconventional, even to All Paws Owner Casie Goldstein. For a year, she resisted the concept, but fate had other plans. Members consistently brought up the idea until it became impossible to ignore. After a deep dive into the concept, touring similar establishments across the U.S., and numerous discussions with her team, Casie decided to take the plunge.

All Paws Social was born out of a desire to create a space that wasn’t just for humans but focused on the needs of our four-legged companions. Casie’s commitment to being dog-forward sets her venture apart from the rest. The goal? To benefit the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of all pups, with a sprinkle of fun for their human counterparts.

Interior rendering of bar
Rendering by MKC Architects

The journey from idea to reality began in October 2022, searching for the perfect location. Securing the building in May 2023 marked a pivotal moment. Collaborating with MKC for architectural design and Matchbox Creative for branding allowed Casie to see her vision come to life.

“It’s been amazing to take something that was once only in your mind for you to see and have the ability to now see it come to life and get to share it with the rest of the world,” said Casie.

All Paws Social: What to Expect

As the doors of All Paws Social prepare to swing open, excitement brews. The 9,500 square feet of indoor space will house a high-energy dog park, a low-energy lounge, private event space, grooming salon, a pet shop, and a full-fledged service bar. Outdoors, a 10,000 square foot space awaits, featuring a walk-up bar, food truck options, on-leash and chill areas for humans, an off-leash park, and plans for an outdoor dog pool in phase two.

outdoor bar for dogs and humans
Rendering by MKC Architects

Events at All Paws Social

Casie envisions All Paws Social as more than just a space; it’s a community hub. Events, from rescue gatherings to tap takeovers, markets, singles events, and more, are on the horizon. The goal is to bring everyone along for the fun and give back to the community that has supported them.

Join the Journey: Follow All Paws Social

For those eager to be part of this pawsitively delightful journey, you can follow @allpawssocial on Instagram. The official website,, will soon be live, offering updates on timelines, sneak peeks, founding member offers, early bird specials, and more.