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This Alabama Student Commits The Worst Self-Own Of All Time Trying To Troll Ohio State

Today I learned that not getting accepted to The Ohio State University and a football team not making the playoffs are the same thing. According to Twitter user Madison Cole.

Cole posted screenshots of her rejection letter from Ohio State in 2015. Her response? To email admissions officer Vern Granger back two years later and equate her situation to the OSU Football team not making the College Playoffs.

In a series of tweets, Cole shared Granger’s rejection letter followed by her email to him. Cole writes:

“Hello, this is Madison Cole, former applicant to the Ohio State University enrollment of the freshman class in 2016. I received this rejection email in 2015, and I would just like to say that now we both feel similar levels of rejection after the announcement of Alabama being the 4th spot in the playoffs over the Buckeyes. Roll Tide!”

Naturally, Ohio State fans weren’t going to just stand back and let Cole talk trash, even if she was just trolling.

It’s no secret that the Buckeye’s didn’t have their best season ever. But they had a real schedule and actually won their Conference Championship, unlike Alabama to who played unranked teams all season and didn’t even play in their conference finals, much less win them.

Let’s just be honest: Alabama didn’t deserve to make the playoffs over Ohio State but clearly, the NCAA doesn’t have as high of standards as the OSU admissions department.

Luckily, Cole had the perfect photo on her VSCO account, to sum up every Buckeye fan’s feelings on the matter.