6 Cozy Outdoor Winter Dining Options Around Columbus

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but it’s kind of cold outside.

I know, that’s completely shocking information considering it is winter in Ohio. In all seriousness though, with COVID-19, we’re all looking for things we can do outside to help lessen the risk and when it’s 30 degrees out, it can be a little hard to imagine doing much comfortably.

Especially outdoor dining. Luckily, Columbus has some unique outdoor dining options that will take the edge off that winter weather and give you a chance for a date night or dinner out with the family.


Three restaurants at Easton now have outdoor dining in EGLOOS as an option for visitors. You can grab a bite from Forbidden Root, The Beeline Bar, and Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce and enjoy your meal in the comfort of these cozy domes. Prices vary depending on which restaurant you choose and you can get all the details about Easton’s EGLOOS right here.


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Barcelona is serving up their Spanish-inspired dishes in the comfort of their Winter Cabanas. These enclosed spaces have a private table for up to four guests where visitors can dine out comfortably. You can schedule your private cabana by calling the restaurant at 614-443-3699. Barcelona’s cabanas are reservation only and each party is allowed two and a half hours in these repurposed greenhouses. The lengthy reservation time allows the Barcelona staff time to deep clean and sanitize the greenhouse between uses.

VASO Dublin

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VASO, the stunning rooftop lounge in Dublin, has been using igloos in the winter for a few years now, so you can bet that you’ll have incredible service if you schedule some time in these cozy, photoworthy bubbles. Prices vary depending on what day of the week you’re visiting, and you should always check VASO’s social media, since they occasionaly run discounts.

The Royce Columbus

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The stylish tents at The Royce are absolutely stunning. Decked out with twinkle lights and beautiful decor, I can’t help but fall instantly in love with this setup. These tents are available by reservation only, and you can reserve your time by either emailing [email protected] or calling 614-468-1313.

DK Diner

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Known as “The Bubble” this seating area at DK Diner is a fantastic place to enjoy a delicious donut on a cold day. The Bubble is available Friday-Sunday for 90-minute sessions. The tent is cleaned thoroughly between guests and can seat six guests comfortably. For more info, or to make a reservation for The Bubble, please email [email protected]

Emmett’s Cafe

Emmett’s Cafe may not have a fancy tent, but they do have a ton of heaters. The patio stays decently warm and it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat if you’re looking for a more outdoor “outdoor dining experience” than a tent or dome can offer. You can read our full review of Emmett’s right here.

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