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The Complete Guide To White Star Quarry: Tropical Vibes Right Here In Ohio

Who’s ready for a tropical-inspired weekend getaway…without leaving Ohio?

I’m always looking for a way to quench my wanderlust without having to travel too far (or spend too much money) and I think White Star Quarry is such a fantastic solution. It’s only two hours north of Columbus, but it looks like it’s half a world away.

Ohio is dotted with former and active quarries. From freestone to limestone, the rocks pulled from the earth in Ohio had a massive impact on construction around the United States in the 19th century.

The quarry operated until the mid-1970s, producing local dolomite aggregate which was then hauled to its final destination. The aggregate was used for a variety of construction-related purposes, including as a component in asphalt and concrete.

After quarries around the state fell out of use, many filled naturally, either through springs or the collection of rainwater, to form gorgeous swimming holes. That’s exactly what happened at White Star Quarry.

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The crystal clear water and fantastic scuba and snorkeling opportunities at White Star Quarry make it the perfect destination for water lovers this summer.

At White Star Quarry, visitors will find designated snorkeling, scuba, and swimming areas. The park is free to visit, but if you’d like to participate in the water activities, there will be a fee.

A day at the sandy beach will only cost you $5 and if you’d like to make a whole weekend out of the experience, you can book a campsite at the campground across the street.

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In addition to the swimming areas, the quarry has tables, grills, restrooms, volleyball courts, play areas, nature trails, mountain bike trails, reservable shelters, and more.

White Star Quarry is located at 901 South Main Street, Gibsonburg, OH 43431. The beach is open for weekends only starting May 27, then daily starting June 10. Scuba diving is available from April through December.

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For information about season passes, daily tickets, diving costs, and more, please visit the Sandusky Parks website.

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