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Sneak Peek: El Segundo Opens Next Week In The Short North

The newest restaurant from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants opens at the end of the month and it’s fantastic.

I got a sneak peek at El Segundo, which will open its doors on August 31 in the Short North. The menu is inspired by Mexican street food and they’ve got a heavy focus on tequila. I’m talking “over 100 kinds of tequila on the menu” kind of heavy, friends. The atmosphere in the bar is incredibly cool. From the graffiti art on the walls, painted by artist Anguila, to the hand-crafted decor, there are pops of color throughout the space.

The restaurant manages to be cozy and inviting without feeling confining. There are booth, table, and bar seating options available. There’s even a corner where the floor-to-ceiling windows open up to North High Street.

The vibe is top notch and the food is even better. During my visit, I was able to try three dishes that I will absolutely be ordering again: the barbacoa burrito, the brisket flatbread, and the fish tacos.

I’m going to start with the brisket flatbread because it was perfection. All of the tortillas and flatbreads are made in house and you can tell. The crust was flaky and delicious and the toppings were flavorful. It was definitely the menu item on the table that I kept coming back to and it’s the first thing I’m ordering when I go back.

Next up is the burrito. This was a solid option and although it was my least favorite out of the three options, it wasn’t bad by any means. The burrito was served with rice and that handmade tortilla really shined.

Finally, the menu item that surprised and delighted me the most had to be the fish tacos. Full disclaimer: I do not typically enjoy fish tacos. That is, I didn’t used to until I had these. The Pacific cod was perfectly crispy and flaky and it the salsa verde, crema, and cabbage on top create a fantastic mouthful.

Of course, I couldn’t visit and not give the classic margarita a try. I usually prefer my margaritas on the rocks but frozen just seemed more festive and it was worth it.

Overall, my sneak peek visit to El Segundo could only be described as an absolute success. As I was finishing up, I got to catch the tail end of training for the new staff. I was blown away by their excitement for the restaurant, and by the respect they all had for one another. I can’t wait to see them all in action when El Segundo opens on August 31.

At first, the restaurant will be offering dine-in and carry-out. Shortly after opening, you’ll be able to order online (delivery and carryout) but for now, you’ll need to call in your carry-out orders.

To learn more about El Segundo or to make a reservation, you can visit their website here.