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The Best Places To Go In Columbus For A Scalp Detox

Sometimes, you just need a good detox.

Specifically, a scalp detox. Getting your scalp squeaky clean is so much more than washing your hair. Like all of the other skin on your body, your scalp absorbs anything you put onto it.

The build up of those applications can cause serious issues for your scalp that can lead to all kinds of unwanted issues like dryness, dandruff, excess oil, and more. If you’ve been hoping to restore the natural balance of your noggin, then a scalp detox is the answer.

Think of a scalp detox as a facial for your scalp. By massaging the scalp using a brush or exfoliating scrub, dead skin cells can be cleared out, clogged pores unclogged, and build up can be removed.

Of course, you’re completely capable of detoxing your scalp at home. The first step is brushing your hair regularly. This helps to loosen anything that’s gotten a little too cozy on your scalp, as well as helping with the distribution of oils.

If you need a little more oomph, you can do an exfoliation treatment at home. From sugar-based scalp scrubs to DIY clay hair masks, these remedies can easily be done from the comfort of your own space.

Of course, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a day at the salon. Leaving the deep clean up to the professionals means that you get to sit back and relax while your scalp gets treated.

So where can you get detoxed in Columbus?

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The Canvas Salon & Skin Spa offers Pramasana, a three-step treatment designed to target your scalp, providing a beautiful foundation for your hair. The first step is exfoliation and at Canvas, they use a specially designed brush to help clear away debris from your scalp.

Next comes the cleanse, which purifies the scalp with a little help from wintergreen-derived salicylic acid, a cleanser that gently balances sebum levels. The final step is protection in the form of a leave-in treatment that leaves your scalp feeling nourished and balanced.

The Head Spa at Evan Joseph Salon is quite the destination for those looking for some scalp love. Their scalp treatments all utilize the state-of-the-art Spa Mist treatment machine. The machine creates a soothing mist of warm, microscopic water particles which allows the treatments to be delivered to the scalp more effectively. You can learn more about the wide variety of services offered right here.

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At Lennonheads they offer a scalp detox treatment that exfoliates your dry scalp, removes product buildup, and creates a foundation for healthy hair. The treatment is followed by a moisturizing masque and if you really want to make your head happy, you can add a 15-minute stress-relieving scalp massage to your visit.

No matter which route you choose, your scalp will thank you for taking care of it. Now get out there and get exfoliating, Columbus!