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Explore Your Creative Side! 10 Free Art Classes You Can Take at Your Local Rec Center

I spent a large part of my childhood at my neighborhood recreation center.

It was there that I was able to try my hand at all types of cool things like music, art, and karate (I’m not sure if I learned to count in Japanese because of Missy Elliott or my recreation center martial arts instructor).

The recreation center where I once played has been torn down, rebuilt, and made even more fabulous and the program offerings of the various rec centers throughout the city remain a great source of learning.

Here are 10 free art classes to help explore your creative side.

Adult Poured/Mold Ceramics

Does your bucket list include recreating the epic scene from “Ghost”, but you lack the pottery skills of Demi Moore? Me too. But have no fear, there’s a class for that. And that class has a cheat. The Poured/Mold Ceramics uses plastic molds to help participants create cool ceramic art. Pour liquid clay into a mold, let dry and remove. Patrick Swayze not included.
Tuttle Recreational Center – 240 West Oakland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

Adult Art Open Studio

Certain places make me feel capable. Home improvement stores make me feel handy.  Craft supply stores make me feel creative. The Adult Art Open Studio is the place to explore your creative urges. According to the course instructor, “all creative abilities are welcome.” Join the class and begin creating seasonally inspired crafts and channel your inner Martha Stewart.
Tuttle Recreational Center – 240 West Oakland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

Glass Fusion/Mosaic Art

Glass fusion is the process of joining glass pieces together by partly melting the glass at high temperatures. Melting and bonding different pieces of glass together to form interesting new patterns and textures. The Tuttle Recreation Center offers a free Glass Fusion/Mosaics Art class to get you started in glass art; in a relaxed environment.
Tuttle Recreational Center – 240 West Oakland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

Set Build and Design

I’ve put together a lot of my own furniture (although Ikea furniture is a completely different animal). It could be because I’m a lesbian or it could be that I really just enjoy building things with my hands. If either scenario sounds right for you, look into the Set Build and Design class held at Westgate Recreation Center. Grow your construction skills as you learn how to build sets for performances.
Westgate Recreation Center – 455 S. Westgate Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204

Theatre Prop Shop

Maybe you’re less handy and more crafty. The Westgate Theatre department has a place for you, too. If dreamy decor and perfect touches are more your speed, join the Theatre Prop Shop for Teens/Adults where you’ll learn to make props for recreation center performances.
Westgate Recreation Center – 455 S. Westgate Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204

Adult  Line Dancing

If you’re looking to upgrade your two-step dance game, Driving Park Recreation Center has an adult line dancing class. The class promises to teach the newest line dances while providing some aerobic exercise. While these dance lessons may not get you to the “So You Think You Can Dance” stage, you’ll have more in your repertoire than “The Floss.”
Driving Park Recreation Center – 1100 Rhodes Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206 

Open Sewing

I adore sewing. I made an incredible hand-sewn stuffed pig in my 7th grade home economics class. 20 years later, I made an infinity scarf that somehow became a pillowcase (it only takes one wrong seam). I eventually got better through trial and error, but there is an easier way to learn to sew. The Open Sewing class at Driving Park Recreation center is a beginning sewing class for all ages.
Driving Park Recreation Center – 1100 Rhodes Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206

Adult Clay Class

This class requires you to go full on Demi Moore in “Ghost.” There are no molds available to hold your hand as you create your clay art. The Adult Clay class held at Holton Recreation Center will teach you to create basic clay pieces using hand-building techniques. Patrick Swayze still not included.
Holton Recreation Center – 303 North Eureka Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204

Oil Painting

Leonardo DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa”, Michaelangelo’s “Sistine Chapel”, and Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” are all examples of famous oil paintings. Oil paint is made by mixing pigments of colors with an oil medium, such as linseed or safflower oil. Oil Painting at Dodge Recreation Center is an introduction to oil painting techniques used to create some of the world’s most well-known masterpieces.
Dodge Multigenerational Center – 667 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Sweater Weather! Which makes it the perfect time of the year to take up crocheting. Beanies and sweaters and scarves, oh my. Beginner crocheters will learn the basic stitches to make a scarf or a hat. Experienced crocheters get to create for a cause, learning new stitches and choosing their own items to be donated to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
Thompson Recreation Center – 1189 Dennison Avenue, Columbus, OH43201

We live in the “with the internet all things are possible” age. But why not take a free class and learn from someone who can make the possible a little easier? The Columbus Recs and Parks Department will begin registration for Fall Session II classes on October 20th. For more info, please click here.