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Sami Bossert Balances Being An Instagram Fitness Sensation, Personal Trainer, And Business Woman

Samantha “Sami” Bossert is a 29-year-old nurse, personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, small business owner, and Instagram extraordinaire. “When it comes to time management, it’s been really tough. It’s been a lot of multitasking,” Bossert said with a laugh.

Bossert never planned to become an Instagram sensation. It all started when she posted a video of herself working out and giving a few pointers on the routine. Several popular, established fitness accounts on Instagram shared this video and tagged her. Just like that, Instagram users flocked to her page to see what other advice she could offer. Today, Bossert’s account has nearly 800,000 followers that follow the personal trainer for the fitness videos and pictures that she posts regularly. 

Bossert moved to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University and has loved the city ever since. As a freshman, she attended an involvement fair on campus and discovered that there was a need for personal trainers. She was in luck because she needed a job.

The Buckeye had played high school sports and basketball was her main focus. However, she had never enjoyed being forced to go to train. If she was going to get into shape, Bossert wanted it to be on her own terms. Becoming a personal trainer, with the freedom to come up with her own custom workout plans, was ideal for the athlete.

She read fitness magazines like they were going out of style. She turned to their glossy pages to find tips on now workout routines, recipes for healthy, wholesome meals, and most importantly, inspiration. Sami had dreamed of making it big in the fitness world and getting on the cover of one of her beloved magazines.

It was around this time in her college career where she began contemplating pursuing personal training as a profession. It was becoming apparent that her major—biology—was just not what she wanted. After much consideration, Sami decided that nursing was a good fit. The schedule of a nurse would offer her some flexibility and she would still be able to help people get healthy.

However, Bossert emphasizes preventative care for a reason. “I see the end result of not taking care of yourself. And patients are getting sicker,” said Bossert.

 It was in school where Bossert met her husband Scott. Since he was also into fitness, Scott and Sami began to consider taking their fitness to the next level. Together, the couple competed in NPC Competitions all over. The pair enjoyed being a part of these bodybuilding contests held by the National Physique Committee. Well, for a while at least. Bossert competed in many competitions and won several from 2012 until the spring of 2016. In 2013, Sami competed at the Arnold Sports Festival.

She soon came to realize that the lifestyle of a competitive bodybuilder was not for her. Getting on the cover of a fitness magazine was not as appealing as it had once been to her.

“That’s when I transitioned to wanting to coach women, mainly, and inspire them. Motivate them, give them amazing feedback, and push them in the best way. Not in a negative way,” said Bossert.

ConqherFit, her online personal training business, is Bossert’s way to connect with women all over the globe and help them become the best versions of themselves. She has had clients from Australia, Abu Dabi, Canada, and plenty from all over the United States. Some of her clients are even from right here in Central Ohio.

“We all come together. We all have different lifestyles, different families, a lot of them are mothers. We all have different issues,” said Bossert. “But we all come together to, hopefully, feel better, get happier, be role models.”

What many do not realize is that the better you feel, the better you train. One of the easiest ways to feel good about yourself is to feel good about how you dress yourself. It might sound silly, but if a person is wearing an outfit that they are proud of while they are working out, they are bound to work harder.

“Do you know how nice it is when you can wear something that you don’t have to fit your body into? But it fits your body?” said Sami. It is this concept that sparked an idea.

Sami Bossert inspecting a packaged item of clothing before handing it to a customer at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival.

Bossert first began to do research in the summer of 2016. She wanted to start her own fitness clothing line that would adhere to her standards of comfort, functionality, and style. Though she had little to no experience designing clothes or starting a clothing line, Bossert knew that she wanted to offer people a high-quality product. With help from a friend that had some experience, Bossert’s website launched by the winter.

P’tula, the clothing line Bossert calles ber “baby,” launched on December 10, 2016. Thanks to her massive following on Instagram and the free marketing that the social media platform provides, Bossert’s inventory flew off the shelves.

She runs the business by herself with some help from family and friends. Her garage at home has been taken over by boxes of leggings, shirts, and tanktops. Handling everything from shipping to packing, she’s taken on quite the workload.

“My post office guys are starting to see me almost every day,” said Bossert jokingly.

P’tula, an acronym for Passion To Unite and Live Active, is dedicated to the women that Sami has met throughout her life through personal training. Each piece bears the name of a woman that the personal trainer has worked with. Their stories are relatable and range from struggling with weight their entire lives, getting bullied as a child, or needing to get back in shape for health concerns.

The clothes have only been available on online until this past weekend at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival. Located at a booth amid the mass of fitness enthusiasts, Bossert set up shop selling clothes from her coveted clothing line.

According to Bossert the weekend was a success. She turned to her Instagram to thank everyone and the followers that came out to meet her. “? 1st Expo in the books for both me and @ptulaactive ?? Anddd it couldn’t have gone any better ! So thankful for all of you who stopped by (I’m sorry I couldn’t post everyone on this post but know I would have if I could!) ?? Soo excited to see where we are at the Arnold in 2018 !!” she said in a post on Monday.

Bossert describes the feel, cut, and fit of a pair of P’tula leggings to a customer at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival.

With the success of ConqherFit, P’Tula, and her free helpful fitness routines on Instagram, the nurse turned business woman has decided to take a step back from the medical field. Thanks to the adaptability of a nurse’s schedule, Bossert has gone from nursing full-time, to part-time, and now to casual nursing. With the liberty to pick up nursing shifts as she pleases, Bossert can focus on the projects that are helping feed her passion.

“For me, it’s so much more rewarding to help people who want to take care of themselves initially,” said Bossert.

Dreaming of the success in years to come is tempting. Bossert hopes that one day she will be able to hire someone to help her juggle all the tasks on her to-do list. She would love if there was a place to keep her P’tula inventory rather than stashed about her own living space. Though it would be far in the future, opening up a storefront has crossed her mind. Despite all these big dreams, Sami is keeping down to earth and focusing on one thing at a time.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer because I think it’s going to be good,” she said smiling.

Are you interested in Sami’s personal training or want to learn more about her? Check out her website at and follow her on Instagram for some free, helpful training routines!