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Dog Training In Columbus: Where To Send Man’s Best Friend

Did you just bring home a furry new bundle of joy? Or maybe you’ve been putting off teaching your ornery dog how to behave. Sure, you can enroll your dog in classes at places like Petco’s Puppy Classes or a national training chain like Bark Busters, but sometimes they lack that personal touch. These dog trainers in and around Columbus have experience training dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. So rather than buying another new pair of shoes because Fido ate your last pair, contact one of these trainers. Maybe once he is done with his schooling, Fido will have learned to bring you your shoes instead of destroying them.

Buckeye K9 Dog Obedience & Behavior Training


“Buckeye K9 offers 3 different training programs to meet your needs for your dog’s training. Each is priced differently based on the length of time and the owner involvement. Group Classes, Private Lessons held either at the facility or your own home, and a Residency Board-n-Train Program. We have something for everyone. All 3 trainers are certified by the state of Ohio as Professional Trainers and I was on ABC’s Shark Tank for my other dog training business Priority One Canine. Customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed…we want you happy!” said Buckeye K9 owner Lori Morrell.

Buckeye K9

National K-9 Learning Center

via National K-9 Learning Center Facebook

National K-9 has been serving dog-owners across central Ohio since 1975. My childhood dog, a black lab named Duke, went to obedience training National K-9 when he was a puppy. Becky, the Columbus Navigator mascot recently returned from her stay at National K-9 has returned a very well-behaved young lady. With training programs ranging from puppy preschool to an overnight program, your doggo is sure to come home with a ton of new tricks.National K-9 Learning Center

The K9 Guy

Guy Kantak is a certified dog obedience and behavioral trainer. He has been teaching pooches around Columbus how to sit, stay, heel, and more for the last 10 years. Kantak, the K-9 Guy, provides at-home dog training services and has had great success. “Guy was fantastic! He was the third trainer we hired to help us with our dog. His techniques were by far the most effective – for us and for our dog. We appreciated his calm manner and patience. There was no judgment on his part; just calm reassurance. He gave detailed instructions and explanations, as well as clear guidelines for homework. We highly recommend The K9 Guy!” said Laurie from Powell in a testimonal on his website.

The K9 Guy

Complete Canine of Columbus

via Complete Canine of Columbus Facebook

Brad Coleman, founder of Complete Canine Columbus, has over 20 years of experience training dogs, and training people how to train dogs. According to their website, Complete Canine of Columbus specializes in helping your rescued dog adapt to its new home, growing a sense of confidence in undersocialized dogs, and dealing with issues like aggression, fearfulness, hyperactivity, destructive behavior, excessive barking, digging, jumping up and more!Complete Canine of Columbus

Lead the Way K9 Training


“Brittany Pederson is the Co-Owner and Trainer of Lead the Way K9 Training. As far back as she can remember she has always had a strong passion for working with dogs. Brittany truly feels blessed to be training dogs every day, and making a difference not only in dogs’ lives but most importantly the families. Our Philosophy at Lead the Way K9 Training is a balanced approach. We know every dog is different, so we treat each dog as an individual, and with tons of care. Brittany focuses on creating relationships with humans and dogs by utilizing basic foundational obedience, leadership, and state of mind exercises. Behavior problems often times develop from a lack of structure and leadership within the dog’s home. If we focus on the daily foundational exercises, structure, balance, accountability, along with corrections for behaviors we don’t like, and rewards for things we do, most bad behaviors will become a thing of the past. No matter what the challenge is, we will tackle your dog’s issues head on and make a difference in both your lives,” said a representative of Lead the Way,” said Josh Peterson, co-owner of Lead the Way.

Lead the Way K9 Training.

Best Pal Tailored Taining

Charles Gudel will be your pup’s best pal by the time the at-home training sessions are through. According to their website, “At Best Pal Tailored Training of Columbus, Ohio we specialize in helping shelter and rescue dogs become acclimated to their new homes and become true members of the family.” Gudel, who established Best Pal in 2002 and is a certified trainer, was working with dogs long before it became his full-time job.

Best Pal Tailored Training

L&S Pets

“At L&S Pets we firmly believe that well trained pets equal great family members and good citizens in our community. We can help you have the obedient and well behaved pet you have always dreamed of. No dog is a bad dog! L&S Pets offers training for all ages and levels from beginner to advanced. Our trainers are certified and knowledgeable in many different training methods. We will find the one that is right for you and our pet. We also provide pet sitting. We will take care of your pet as if it were a part of our family at your home so the pet remains comfortable while you are away. Our sitters are also trained in first aid,” said Lisa Meier-Edwards, Master Trainer at L&S Pets.L&S Pets

A Positive Connection

If you’re interested in behavioral training or American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen program, this dog trainer is a great option. Julie Fudge Smith founded started a Positive Connection in 2007 after professionally training dogs since 2003 as a certified trainer. Smith has even taken her love for furry creatures beyond training them and created artwork. You can purchase pieces from Animalcentric Designs on A Positive Connection’s website.

A Positive Connection

PinUp Pup Training

Trainers at PinUp Pup focus on positive reinforcement training technique. According to PinUp Pup’s website, “All ages and breeds are welcome! We use a variety of techniques to train your pet: Creative Problem Solving, Fear/Aggression Therapy, Behavior Modification, Basic Obedience, Positive Reinforcement, Clicker Training, and everything in between!” PinUp Pup offers four different training packages. From a one-hour at-home session, to a six-week program, your dog’s needs are sure to be met with one of these courses.

PinUp Pup Training

Columbus, Ohio Dog Trainer Terry Cook

Terry Cook has been training dogs for years. He turned his hobby and passion for dog into a career and hasn’t turned back. Cook will modify his training methods to fit your dog’s specific needs and personality. At According to his website, “Terry’s favorite part about dog training is to have the ability to educate people on how to train their dogs while increasing the canine’s quality of life.” Cook offers many different types of training including a service dog program.

Dog Trainer Columbus, Ohio