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The Beautiful Waterfall At Rock Mill Is One Of Central Ohio’s Hidden Gems

When you hear Rock Mill in Columbus, chances are your mind automatically takes you to the brewery and tavern.

And trust me, those are great places to be. But today, we’re talking about the mill that inspired it all. The very first Rock Mill was built in 1799 by Joseph Loveland and Hezekiah Smith.

Over the course of hundreds of years, the mill was destroyed and rebuilt several times, changing owners and remaining in operation until 1905.

But for nearly 100 years, the mill sat vacant and in disrepair. In 2003, a restoration process began on the mill, with new siding, windows, shutters, beams, and posts replicated to replace the missing and damaged pieces.

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The mill was donated to Fairfield County Parks in 2017 and when it roared back to life, visitors from around the state and country came to see the old mill in action.

The mill is now part of Stebelton Park in Fairfield County, where visitors can see the stunning waterfall, the old mill, and even a beautiful covered bridge.

The Hocking River flows out of the gorge in the form of a stunning, 14-foot waterfall. It’s gorgeous in any season, including winter.

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For more information about Rock Mill, you can visit the Fairfield County Parks website right here. Rock Mill is located at Stebelton Park, 1429 Rockmill Pl NW, Lancaster, OH 43130. The park is open year-round from dawn to dusk.

Featured image via Fairfield County Parks.