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The Most Beautiful Restaurants In Columbus

Going out for big dinner is about so much more than the food you’re going to eat.

The ambiance and vibe of the restaurant can be just as important as the meal. Luckily, Columbus has some absolutely stunning restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a rooftop place with sweeping views of the city, or a cozy, intimate dining experience, the capital city has your back. Get ready to be wowed by some of the most beautiful restaurants in Columbus.

Milestone 229

Milestone 229 features “elevated comfort food from a scratch-kitchen with the finest and freshest ingredients.”

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What makes it beautiful? Milestone 229 has absolutely stunning views of the city and the Scioto Mile.
How much will it cost you? The menu has a wide range of prices. One person can expect to eat for anywhere between $12-$40+.
Location: 229 Civic Center Drive, Columbus, OH 43215.


Lindey’s is an iconic Columbus restaurant. For nearly 40 years, this restaurant, located in the heart of historic German Village, has been elevating fine dining in the capital city.

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What makes it beautiful? The building that Lindey’s calls home was built over 100 years ago at the turn of the 20th century. The restaurant’s historical ambiance offers a level of glamour and tradition that you can’t find anywhere else in Columbus.
How much will it cost you? On average, you can expect to spend $20 or more per person.
Location: 169 E Beck St, Columbus, OH 43206.


An amalgamation of regional Indian flavors and modern gastronomic techniques. Meaning soul or spirit, ROOH brings the spirit of India to Columbus through the restaurant experience.

What makes it beautiful? ROOH is a colorful dream. From the perfectly appointed seating areas to the jaw-dropping, handpainted mural that greets when you walk in the door, this place is incredible.
How much will it cost you? Diners can expect to spend between $15-40.
Location: 685 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Watershed Kitchen & Bar

Watershed Kitchen & Bar serves up authentic Midwestern cuisine with a frequently changing menu and some of the best service in town.

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What makes it beautiful? Watershed Kitchen is all about clean lines. It’s modern and bright and pulls of simple elegance in a unique way.
How much will it cost you? You’ll find appetizers from $9-$16 and main courses from $20-$30.
Location: 145 Chesapeake Ave, Suite D, Columbus, OH 43212.

Del Mar SoCal Kitchen

Savor the freshest fare from sea, garden and farm at our newest escape—right here in the heart of Columbus.

What makes it beautiful? Dining at Del Mar is like taking a mini-vacation. The restaurant brings the elegant-yet-effortless vibe of Southern California to Columbus not only through their beautifully designed space but also through their menu.
How much will it cost you? Prices at Del Mar vary by menu.
Location: 705 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

Rockmill Tavern

Rockmill Tavern has a diverse menu, serving brunch, small plates, lunch, dinner entrees, and desserts.

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What makes it beautiful? Rockmill Tavern somehow manages to be bright an airy, all while maintaining an intimate and cozy vibe. The aesthetics are almost as amazing as the food.
How much will it cost you? Lunch and dinner range from $10-$30, with sides costing an additional $6-$7.
Location: 503 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43215.

M at Miranova

M at Miranova is Cameron Mitchell’s marquee restaurant, serving American cuisine with European and Pacific influences.

What makes it beautiful? M at Miranova is dramatic. The restaurant’s decor is vibrant and elegant, creating a unique fine dining experience.
How much will it cost you? The prices at M are exactly what you’d expect when it comes to fine dining. Don’t go expecting to spend less than $30 per person.
Location: 2 Miranova Place, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Goodale Station

“Our menus are driven by the local bounty of Ohio and the Midwest to produce creative New American Cuisine. Working with local farmers and artisans allows for the inspiration and creativity in the kitchen. Our goal is to create bold and flavorful dishes that rotate and change throughout the seasons.”

What makes it beautiful? Go for the view, but stay for the food. Goodale Station is nestled atop the Canopy by Hilton, overlooking downtown Columbus.
How much will it cost you? Eats at Goodale Station will cost between $15-$30.
Location: 77 E Nationwide Blvd, Columbus OH 43215

Grandview Cafe

Grandview Cafe is a laid-back neighborhood bar serving American food and craft beer in a speak-easy style space.

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What makes it beautiful? Grandview Cafe was remodeled in late spring 2017 and it paid off. The space is elegant, featuring a speak-easy vibe that’s so perfect, it will make you want to stay all day.
How much will it cost you? The restaurant boasts standard pub pricing, with meals costing between $10-$20.
Location: 1455 W. 3rd Ave Columbus, OH 43212.

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is newly opened and waiting to give you an over-the-top, total fine dining experience.

What makes it beautiful? Jeff Ruby’s is decadent, elaborate, elegant, and a little too much in all the right ways.
How much will it cost you? Your firstborn child. Just kidding. They don’t want your offspring, but it will cost you a pretty penny. On average, you’re looking at $50-$100 per meal.
Location: 89 E. Nationwide Blvd., Columbus, OH 43215.

Nosh on High

The idea is to come in to share the food, have some crafted cocktails or unique wines, feel comfortable, and enjoy your company without having to make too many decisions.

What makes it beautiful? From the massive windows the abundance of greenery, Nosh on High is just one of those places that takes your jaw straight to the floor. The vibe is comfortable and modern, and the style of food makes for great conversation.
How much will it cost you? Nosh serves tapas, so plate prices vary by size and item, but most are between $6-$20.
Location: 149 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Originally published 1/2/19. Updated 1/13/20.

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