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8 Must-Try Sandwiches You Can Find Around Columbus

Sometimes you just have to put some ingredients on some bread and take it back to the basics.

Probably the single most important food ever invented is the one we tend to overlook the most. An underrated hero in the culinary world, the sandwich has defined the lives of many, from childhood to adulthood.

Columbus is home to a variety of delightful sandwiches. Here are 8 of our absolute favorites.

The Meatball Sub from Icarus Sandwich Shop

About the sandwich: The meatball sub at Icarus Sandwich Shop is made with DeCerce family recipe meatballs, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese on long-seeded Italian bread.
Address: 15 E 2nd Ave, Columbus, OH 43201
Website: Icarus Sandwich Shop

Croque Monsieur from Pistacia Vera

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About the sandwich: Is there anything more delightful than this iconic French sandwich? The croque monsieur at Pistacia Vera is made with brioche, smoked cottage ham, aged emmentaler cheese, mornay, and Dijon mustard. It’s served with cornichons & mixed greens with a lemon shallot vinaigrette.
Address: 541 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Pistacia Vera

Maine Lobster Roll from Coastal Local

About the sandwich: It’s a tough choice between the Maine Lobster Roll and a Conneticut Lobster roll from Coastal Local, but the Main Lobster Roll eeks out ahead. This New England classic is a chilled lobster salad with dill, parsley, cucumber, celery, & mayo tucked into a butter-toasted split-top bun. It comes with coleslaw and hand-cut fries tossed in garlic & herbs or potato chips.
Address: North Market, 59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Costal Local

El Cubano from Pablo’s Havana Cafe

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About the sandwich: A Cubano is one of my favorite sandwiches of all time and no one does it better in Columbus than Pablo’s Havana Cafe. The sandwich is made of Cuban bread with roasted lechon (pork), honey ham, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. All of those ingredients are pressed into a panini and then bam, the best Cubano in town is ready to devour.
Address: 9685 Sawmill Rd, Powell, OH 43065
Website: Pablo’s Havana Cafe

The Steak- Wario’s Way from Wario’s Beef and Pork

About the sandwich: There’s a reason that fans of Wario’s talk nonstop about how good it is. Once you grab The Steak- Wario’s Way, you’ll understand the obsession. This take on a Philly cheesesteak comes with 8 ounces of shaved ribeye, grilled onions, house whiz, provolone, and white American cheese, all on a semolina seeded roll. I mean, even just listing the ingredients is making my mouth water.
Address: 111 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Wario’s Beef and Pork

The Spice of Life from Brown Bag Deli

About the sandwich: The Spice of Life was the first sandwich I ever tried at Brown Bag Deli and it’s sat firmly upon the best sandwich throne ever since. Made with roast beef, roast turkey, corned beef, scallion cream cheese, deli mustard, tomato, red onion, it’s served on a toasted french roll and it’s an absolute dream.
Address: 898 Mohawk St. Columbus, OH 43206
Website: Brown Bag Deli

Parkside Salmon Cheesesteak from Marlow’s Cheesesteaks

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About the sandwich: If you’ve never had a salmon cheesesteak and you aren’t sure if you’d like it, I’ll just go ahead and let you know that you totally will. The Parkside salmon cheesesteak is made with grilled salmon, sauteed onions, mushrooms, hot peppers, and your choice of cheese. It’s unique, delicious, and massive, so be prepared to have leftovers or to share.
Address: 93 N High St, Gahanna, OH 43230
Website: Marlow’s Cheesesteaks

Not yo! Momma’s Pastrami from Feed Me Sandwich Kings

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About the sandwich: Thinly sliced pastrami, sautéed onions and garlic, boss sauce, fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes sliced to order, all on a hoagie bun? Yes, please! The pastrami sandwich at Feed Me Sandwich Kings comes with a side of Italian aioli and fries.
Address: 1053 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43205
Website: Feed Me Sandwich Kings

Bahn Mi from Lan Viet

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About the sandwich: You can order any kind of Banh Mi you want at Lan Viet and I promise, you won’t be disappointed. This sandwich is served on french bread with pate, mayo, butter, pickled daikon and carrots, maggi, cilantro, jalapeno, and the meat of your choice.
Address: North Market, 59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Lan Viet Facebook