Market Tower rendering

Market Tower Has A New Design, Rumored To Be Taller Than Expected

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Market Tower, one of the most anticipated development projects in Columbus hasn’t had much news of late, but that’s changing.

A new Market Tower rendering recently went live on the developer’s website, and as you can see there are some changes:

Market Tower rendering

The previous rendering:

Previous Market Tower rendering

Along with this new design comes changes to the building’s height. From an “insider” posting on a local development message board:

Basically at this point I can confirm the rendering was not supposed to be public yet and I can confirm the structure will be taller than the proposed 35 floors. There are goals in place to get things moving before years end but there’s basically one last barrier being working through. I think you all will be VERY VERY pleased with the details, makeup, and height once it is all released.

Counting floors apparently results in a total of 40 stories, up from the 35 previously announced.

More of the old renderings:

Market Tower deck rendering

Market Tower street level rendering

Looking good Schooley Caldwell!


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