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When Is This Cool AF Mobile Ferris Wheel Coming To Columbus?

Today, for the first time in my life, I’m actually jealous of Cincinnati.

Don’t get me wrong, Cincy is an amazing city. But I’ve never wanted to live there. Until now. And the reason for my change in heart is this amazing mobile Ferris wheel. I know that sounds drastic, but just look at it. It’s so. damned. cool.

The SkyStar Observation Wheel is currently set-up along the riverbank in Cincinnati, and that’s where it will remain until December 2. Your ticket to ride will only cost you $12.50 (plus tax) and there aren’t any age restrictions for riders, so the whole family can experience the fun together.

The wheel is equipped with 36 climate-controlled gondolas which hold up to 6 people. At the top, visitors are nearly 15 stories up in the air, which provides amazing views. The SkyStar has previously visited Louisville, KY and Norfolk, VA.

While I’ll happily travel down to Cincy for this experience, I can’t help but think that something like this would be a big hit here in Columbus. Aside from it’s obvious appeal to photographers, it seems like a genuinely unique experience. I love taking a look at our city from unexpected angles, and the SkyStar would look pretty dope down along the Scioto Mile.

Let’s make this happen, people! It’s not just for me, it’s for all of us.