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Los Guachos Tacos Al Pastor Are The Best In Town, Especially On 2-For-1 Mondays

There’s two locations for this taco joint, one in Gahanna and one in North Columbus. I pulled up to the Gahanna location and I’m going to admit, it was a little plain looking. But don’t fear, my preconceptions were shattered when we ordered.

You order at the counter and then seat yourself and they bring the food to you. I made a series of mistakes during this taco visit, the first of which was I wasn’t that hungry when I arrived.

When we first walked in our eyes were immediately drawn to the bowls of limes and what looked like some sort of marinated peppers. We later found out they were habanero peppers and here’s where my second mistake came in. They had a good taste but my mouth was on fire. If you love spicy food then go for it, but be prepared.

What we ordered was amazing, but I should have ordered their famous Gringas Al Pastor, just because they’re famous. No worries though, once I realized my mistake I ordered some to-go.

Los Gauchos is known for their authentic and delicious tacos “Al Pastor”. I’m in no way qualified to judge their authenticity, however, I can definitely attest to their delicious, mouthwatering flavor.

If you’re a meat lover I highly recommend this dish. They were juicy, tender, and super flavorful, with a slice of pineapple on top to really enhance it. I couldn’t believe it was only $3.50.

My mom ordered a spicy fish taco and had a similar mouth on fire experience. But she was stronger than I, pushing through the heat to eat the entire thing because it was just that delicious.

We also ordered some nachos- no meat, extra beans- to share, and they were the best nachos I have ever eaten. The perfect balance of beans, salsa, cheese, and sour cream for only $7.00.

My only pitfall with this taqueria is that it’s not 30 seconds from my house. But I will definitely be back for the 2-for-1 tacos Al Pastor on Mondays… and maybe $2.00 Gringas on Wednesdays too.

Two Locations:

5221 Godown Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43235

1376 Cherry Bottom Rd. Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Website: Los Guachos Taqueria