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Lincoln Social Rooftop Is Patio Perfection

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s hard not to imagine yourself dipping out of work a half-hour early and finding yourself sipping a cocktail on one of Columbus’s many magnificent patios. But friends, I have to tell you. If you haven’t been to Lincoln Social yet, then your daydream needs an upgrade.

This rooftop bar by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s got the views to prove it. Located on the top of 711 N. High Street, Lincoln Social is an experience unto itself. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a lovely security guard, as well as someone checking people in. Once you show your ID, you can head back to the elevators. There’s only one floor you can choose, so don’t worry about where you’re going and just enjoy the ride.

When you arrive, you’ll still be inside, but there’s already one heck of an Instagrammable moment in the form of a flower wall. But once you step out onto the patio itself, that’s when the real “wow” moment happens.

There are views from every corner of the bar, plus tons of exclusive seating areas. Drinks are at the forefront of this menu, which is slightly unusual for a CMR joint, but don’t worry. There are some small plates available for munching.

The menu has loads of delicious options like sushi, pizza, and even warm chocolate chip cookies. But the one thing you can’t leave without trying has to be the truffle fries. So freaking good.

Lincoln Social is open Tuesday-Sunday. For more information, to view the menu, or to start planning your visit, head over to